View Full Version : Introducing new pet Cavaliers to current Cavaliers?

22nd November 2007, 09:43 PM
Hello all! My name is Betsy and I've just joined up! My family and I currently have a 9 year old blenheim boy named Jasper who has been with us since puppyhood. He's in the later stages of congestive heart failure, with fluid in both his lungs and his abdomen. We may have anywhere from a day to 6 months left with him, but he seems to be doing good the last few days. His abdomen just started filling with fluid a few days ago, so he is getting progressively worse.

About a week ago we started talking with a woman in our area who is overwhelmed by her 5 cavaliers, 2 hunting dogs, 4 cats, countless rodents/reptiles, 2 homeschooled children, husband, and elderly parents all living in her house with her, and she is looking to have two of her cavaliers adopted out of the house. Both are male, 4 years old, one tri and one black and tan, and we are going down to meet them tomorrow or saturday! We are of course going to meet a few times, first at her place without Jasper, then at a neutral location with him, and if that goes well, at our house with both of the boys and Jasper.

What I'm wondering is if anyone has any guidance/advice on introducing two younger dogs into the home of an older dog? Jasper is very tolerant and has never tried to be the dominant dog in any situation, and I'm wondering how he would react to two new pups in his house long term. We had two cats for a long time with whom he just would have loved to be friends (they were not into him at all, just loved teasing him) but it has been a while.

Help? I'm very nervous that two new dogs now would somehow make him sicker... though the vet said that it might encourage him to get more exersize as well as help him communicate better (he's deaf, and though he understands hand signals he often gets forgetful when out in the yard and ends up sitting there confused).

Eeek. This is so long! Sorry!!