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30th November 2007, 06:52 AM
hello everyone,
I just joined & will be receiving my new Blenheim Cavalier rescue this coming Tuesday.:rah: I also have a Boxer & Cocker Spaniel. A friend on a Boxer Forum I belong too knew I loved Cavaliers & someone brought in 4 boy Cavs & surrendered them b/c they "wouldnt sell." :mad: They are 6 months old.
I am adopting one of the boys. They are all in perfect health, have all their shots & have been neutered. Anyone intersted in the remaining ones please let me know, I know she is still looking for good homes. They are all Blenheim boys! I look forward to making new friends & experiencing life with my new boy! I am yet undecided on a name. I do, however, have a few contenders! Everyone let me know what you think!
are what I have narrowed it down too:)
Thanks! Stephanie

Debby with a Y
30th November 2007, 08:27 AM
Welcome Stephanie, and congratulations on giving a rescue a loving home!!! What is your location? We have members all over the planet so there could be someone interested in the other doggies.

All of the names you picked are nice and how I pick a name is to practice saying it over and over as I will when I am calling the dog.

We love puppy pictures around here and look forward to seeing your new boy!

Congratulations! :rah:

30th November 2007, 09:59 AM
I'm in TN but I'm actually traveling to Oklahoma to get him. Its about 450 miles away from me. I'm near Memphis,TN. Thats what I have been doing, calling out the names to see which one sounds good. When we got our Boxer my husband & I couldnt decide what to call her so we put our favs down on strips of paper & put them in a bowl & let our Cocker Spaniel pick one out! The one that was dangling out of his mouth was Mia, so she's been Mia ever since!!!! Thanks for the welcome & I will keep you updated on my journey & puppy's trip home!!