View Full Version : holiday dogs

30th November 2007, 11:12 PM
OIY! After having my family visit last weekend for Thanksgiving AND now that Holly has completed her agility class til January AND now that it's really quite cold and the girls don't want to run around outside.....

...my threesome has become three little you know whats! Especially Holly. Goodness, did those agility classes make a difference in her energy levels. With all the extra energy, they have plenty to spare for the begging, whining, and trouble-making. They definitely were spoiled over Thanksgiving: cuddles whenever they picked a lap (or rotated around) and a playmate whenever they took a toy to anyone and barked. Now with just me and my husband in the house, and the girls with cabin-fever, it's unbelievable.

I'll be glad when the holidays are over and we get back into our regular routine; I want my good girls back!