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2nd December 2007, 06:15 PM
I have a very handsome, young (2 year old) blenheim who is generally a happy, energetic dog but is going to need a special home I think, because he seems to have been handled in such a way that he can occasionally get fearful and snap. We are working to determine why and what triggers this behaviour. He has not had a great start -- in his past, he has been hit by a car, attacked and injured by a much larger dog, and excessively handled by a previous owner for some strange reason, including when he had ruptured anal glands and was in pain. Most likely, his fearful moments link back to all of these incidents.

He would not be appropriate with children under 15 and I will not consider a home with young children or visiting young children. But he would really benefit from being with mature teens or an active adult who might do agility with him for example. He is very active and intelligent and an activity like agility would give him lots of positive focus. He needs a laid back home that will not fuss over him.

Several of my rescues, including now-gentle dogs well known to the board, snapped and growled when they first came in, but giving them time and rewards for desired behaviour has stopped this entirely. His new home will receive training guidance on working with him.

He would benefit from a home with another friendly companion dog as well. He is neutered and chipped.

If you are interested in this fellow and wish to discuss him further, please PM me.

4th December 2007, 05:15 PM
Update: This is a very intelligent and athletic dog and I've no doubt could do competitive level agility or would enjoy agility and obedience for fun.

He is a generally very friendly and outgoing boy who is mixing well with other dogs and absolutely loves getting his exercise outdoors. He's just had his neuter as well.

He can be reactive to people raising their voices at him and this is the area where he needs work. We think he must have been quite neglected most of the time and certainly has very negative associations of some sort with people speaking sternly and firmly to him. Maybe this was associated with punishment. We know he has a history of someone not leaving him alone during a time when he was in pain so perhaps this was his method of getting them to back off and has become a handy tool for him (he thinks! But he is about to start learning this behaviour gets him nowhere whereas his normal genial demeanour gets him attention and lovely treats, and that he has no reason to be afraid of people).

He's now onto a recondition programme where he will get lots and lots of praise and rewards for good behaviour and time outs for any reactive behaviour. As part of this, he would benefit enormously from a clicker training class and would be a seriously good agility dog, which would give him focus and lots of positive feedback.

His ideal home would be with a confident dog owner with another dog who wants an active cavalier for lots of activity and exercise; and who would be in the Dublin region and interested in doing clicker and agility with Dog Training Ireland (he would receive a discount on classes).

This boy is a sad example of why people who would like a particular type of dog personality should always go with a reputable breeder who can knowledgeably explain puppy personalities and match a puppy to the desires of its new family. Someone probably chose 'the puppy that came over and chose them' -- eg the most active and outgoing puppy in the litter-- when what they obviously wanted was a quiet dog that would enjoy lying around and being groomed (they should have gone for the calm, quiet puppy that didn't come running over). Instead they got one of the more intelligent cavaliers I have encountered, very adept and athletic, and likely bored out of his skull from day one. That set up this dog for failure and poor behaviour that was punished wrongly and led to some reactive behaviour that in turn led to this dog being taken to the vet to be pts. :eek: If ever a dog deserved a second chance in the right home, this is he -- if I had the room I'd love this boy for agility. :)

4th December 2007, 05:21 PM
Karlin he really sounds the bees knees, i really hope that he gets the life that he deserves!!!

8th December 2007, 02:27 AM
This guy continues to do really, really well. He is getting lots of praise and treat bonuses for good behaviour and so far has only had one trip to 'the naughty step' as his fosterer says! :lol: Will get some pics.

8th December 2007, 09:43 AM
This guy continues to do really, really well. He is getting lots of praise and treat bonuses for good behaviour and so far has only had one trip to 'the naughty step' as his fosterer says! :lol: Will get some pics.

Thats good news! Oakley is permanantley on the Naughty step! - for being a mischeivous little so and so:rolleyes:

9th December 2007, 12:48 AM
He does sound like Bradley. He too is very intelligent and gets grumpy if he doesn't get plenty of mental and physical stimulation.

Glad the lad's doing ok :)