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3rd December 2007, 07:09 PM
Just lately Bailey's been marking his terroitory (I think)? either that or it's tiny little wee's?
He's done it on his bed, well what was Charlies bed (he now sleeps on the couch)!! I washed it to remove Charlies scent thinking that was why but he also does it on any cloth/fabric he finds on the floor! including one of my freshly washed tops and also our duvet! the only place i havn't seen him do it is on his own bed which is in his crate.

I keep finding tiny little spots on the floor too, i'm sure this isn't wee as he does use his pads??

Another thing too, when my neighbour brings her puppy in Bailey constantly humps him!! is this a dominance thing??

What's going on!!

Cathy Moon
3rd December 2007, 08:48 PM
I would watch him like a hawk, and take him outside for potty before he has a chance to do it in the house. Every time he wees in the house it's a step backwards in housetraining, while every time he does it outside and gets praised he's learning what you want him to do.

Humping other dogs is inappropriate play, but is normal behavior for a puppy - I would just distract him with a toy to stop it.

3rd December 2007, 09:24 PM
First, get him to a vet. If he is weeing that often in lots of little wees it sounds like he may have a urinary tract infection. These can quickly develop into quite serious kidney infections and they are common in puppies, as well as being very painful, so be sure to get him checked right away.

However if this isn't the cause and the vet gives him the all-clear, and if he's able to wee on things like duvets and carpets, he isn't being watched closely enough. You need to have him in arm's reach at all time at this age, or crated, whatever approach or mix of approaches. But he isn't house trained, every single time he wees like that is three steps back on housetraining -- it reinforces to him that going inside is OK. Scolding does not work -- nor does punishment -- you have 1) prevent him ever going where he isn't supposed to and 2) reward him every time he goes where you want. In general, he should never, ever, ever be beyond arm's reach and never able to go where you cannot see him.

I'd strongly recommend buying Shirlee Kalstone's book on housetraining so you get some good examples of how to manage this, and some schedules. :thmbsup:

PS I am SURE all the damp spots ARE urine. Training to pads is a waste of time IMHO. They are too much like rugs and can train a puppy to go where you don;t want. And a puppy doesn;t know to automatically use them every time unless you took weeks to train him to do this. Then you have to housetrain a full second time to go outside. Just dump the pads and work to get him outside every time. If he is under 6 months old he isn;t marking -- he is just peeing all over your house. He can smell all the places he has gone before and will keep peeing in those places now unless you clean them with enzymatic cleaner and make sure he is never able to go inside again.

3rd December 2007, 09:54 PM
Thanks for the advice,

He's at the vets again tommorow so i'll mention it.

Just to say that when these accidents happen he never gives any signals that he wants to go i.e. circling (sp) sniffing etc but what he does do is ruffle with his front paws like when they ruffle they're beds to get comfy!

Have to keep my eyes peeled for this too!!!

Thanks again