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4th December 2007, 08:34 PM
I received the following from a fellow rescue friend but thought I would post this in the general discussion area so that more of you would read it. If it needs to be moved, I understand.

I was totally dismayed to read this posting and know that many of you will be as well. Please take the time to read (bottom up starting with Press Release #1) and help us help Jamie!

Can everyone just send an email to this ridiculous Rushville Indiana mayor, this girl needs all rescuers and animal lovers support!

Thanks for caring,

The info below is what I received:

OK friends, I know Jamie Glandon personally and I have visited the Rushville Animal Shelter on several occasions to pull animals and get them into rescue groups. This is a very small, very high kill shelter that was very dark and very depressing. Jamie has volunteered there for many years, rescuing lots of animals by establishing a Petfinder site and working tirelessly to contact rescue groups and line up foster homes for the hundreds of animals that have come into the shelter. Jamie recently was hired as an animal control officer and I have seen improvements at the shelter on my most recent visit there to pick up Jerry, a Brittany Spaniel who was rescued by the shelter when he was left in a back yard after his owners moved away. Things were cleaner, animals were in exercise pens outside and the cats were all being given toys when I walked in. Water dishes were full of clean water and no one was standing in their own feces. I know Jamie was in the process of setting up Petpoint, an online tracking system that would allow the shelter to keep history on the animals while they were in the care of the shelter, giving them the ability to print off complete information for the new owners when a pet was adopted. Jamie has devoted lots of time, effort, energy and I'm sure lot of personal funds to make the Rushville Animal Shelter a better place.

How any human can read this story and not see the injustice to Jamie is beyond me. Euthanasia is an ugly topic but it does occur and there is no excuse for not listening for a lack of a heartbeat before throwing a euthanized animal in the freezer. More people need to take a stand like Jamie has. If there is anyway at all that you can support her, either by attending the rally, signing the petition or e-mailing the Mayor of Rushville please do so. Jamie deserves our support.

Crystal L. Logan

Subject: Rushville Rally for Jamie and Gabby

Press Release #2: Jamie G., the brave pound worker in Rushville, Indiana was suspended today. She was unceremoniously stripped of the Pound keys, and her access to even be on the grounds of the pound has been denied. As of this moment, inside sources have confided to us that the Rushville Police Department has been placed in charge of the pound, per orders from Mayor Bridges. Jamie is standing firm in her conviction to protect Gabby, and she refuses to disclose Gabby's safehouse, despite browbeating and intimidating tactics from authorities. The case has received nationwide attention. The "Rally For Reason" will commence at the County Courthouse starting at 5:00 PM. We will stand firm until Jamie emerges from the meeting. That meeting to decide Jamie's fate convenes at 5:30, and has allegedly been moved over to the nearby Rushville Police Department. There will also be a mini-rally at the Courthouse at noon on Tuesday. A legal defense fund has been set up to protect Gabby and Jamie.

Press Release #1: "Rally in Rushville"..."Rally For Reason"..."Justice for Jamie"...anyway you name it, it will be an event meant to roust sleepy little Indiana town Rushville, Indiana to reason. "Jamie" an animal staffer at the Rushville Pound finds her job in jeopardy after her recent rescue of four-month old mastiff puppy "Gabby". Jamie realized a gruesome discovery several days ago when she peered into the pound's refrigeration unit. Gabby, a euthanized puppy, lay under a pile of dead puppies, AND GABBY WAS ALIVE! Gabby popped her little head up from a barrel and gazed at Jamie. Gabby had suffered for FOUR agonizing days. Jamie took brave action to rescue the poor puppy and now may lose her job for taking a stand---after being ordered by her bosses (allegedly including the Rushville Mayor) that the pup should die. This is the fifth Rushville dog since August to survive euthanasia according to a recent story aired by Indianapolis television Channel 6 News. View the full story at http://www.theindychannel.com/news/14721434/detail.html. Join animal rescuers and concerned citizens on Tuesday from throughout Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky as they rally for reason in Rushville and stand up for Jamie and Gabby. Meet on the sidewalk outside the Mayor's Office (Rushville Courthouse) on Tuesday December 4th at 5:00. The Mayor, the City Attorney, and Council will convene at 5:30 to decide Jamie's future. For now, Gabby is presumed safe. If you care about animals and those who dedicate their lives to helping them, be loud and stand proud. Join others and make a stand for someone who really counts. Stand up for justice. Make signs and carry them. Sign the petition, as many throughout the country have, at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/gabby-was-euthanized-lived-four-days-in-a-freezer. E-mail Mayor Robert M. Bridges at mayor@cityofrushville.com and tell him that there may be a more reasonable way to handle this situation than by terminating a person who obviously takes her position as an animal control officer seriously. Please let Mayor Bridges know that eyes from throughout the nation will scrutinize his response to one determined young woman's bravery. Mayor Bridges may be reached via telephone at (765)932-3735. See you in Rushville. Rushville is between Cincinnati and Indianapolis off of I-74. Go to the Rushville website at www.cityofrushville.com. Forward this far and wide. Thanks for caring.

4th December 2007, 09:06 PM
Emails sent. Ugly situation created and keeps duplicating itself. This so kind Jamie needs support.

Elaine 2
4th December 2007, 09:55 PM
Ive signed.....poor Gabby it doesn't bear thinking about

Ginger's Mom
4th December 2007, 10:45 PM
Signed.. .very ugly indeed. At any rate I hope some good things will come out of this.

Mabel's Mom
4th December 2007, 10:59 PM
Petition signed and email sent. I'm outraged! Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

murphy's mum
5th December 2007, 07:50 PM
I too signed it, I can't believe a vet could miss a heartbeat. If I had discovered the pup I would have acted the same way.

The world is a truely crazy place :(

Cathy Moon
9th December 2007, 12:05 PM
I sent an email to the mayor. What a terrible situation. :(