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7th December 2007, 02:31 AM


7th December 2007, 02:40 AM


That is about 20 miles from my home-- I live in a MORE rural area. I think I'll go hug my guys.

Debby with a Y
7th December 2007, 03:06 AM
How HORRID! :eek: My own Barkley will be 5 months on Saturday and I'd have a heart attack if anything happened to him.

But you know what, even though I have a fenced, gated yard, he is never outside for a moment without me. We have large birds of prey here who swoop up small animals, and a co-worker recently lost a pet bunny that way.

The owner is clearly irresponsible...read this!
"I had heard coyotes before and seen them on the street," McMahon said Wednesday afternoon at the Dundee Animal Hospital, where Duchess was treated after the attack. "But I never thought this would happen."

OH MY GOSH he has heard and seen them and let his dogs out unattended??

Thank goodness Duchess will be OK. Poor baby!!!

Ginger's Mom
7th December 2007, 04:31 PM
Very scary. We live in a big coyote community too and we can actually hear them haul at night. It scares me as heck each time I take Ginger out to walk -- of course she is always leashed, but I'm still scared. I didnt' know that we even had coyotes near us until we saw one literally in front us during our walk. The coyote was less than 20-30 feet from us and it was walking towards us (I guess some people give food to coyotes or something, they weren't scared of us at all). Luckily Ginger didn't see the coyote but I panicked big time. I picked her up at an instance and turned my back and started walking away really fast. My heart was beating uncontrollably. Since then I could never enjoy my walk with Ginger. I'm always busy looking left-right-behind to check if there maybe a coyote following us. I think it's bad because I'm sure my fear is being sensed by Ginger as we do our walks. Anyways now I try taking Ginger to more residential areas for our daily walks (I do miss our beautiful trails...).

So pleased to hear that the puppy survived this ordeal.