View Full Version : for sale--->brand new harness from ifitwags.com

we luv lexi
11th December 2007, 03:15 PM
hey everybody,
i recently bought lexi a harness from ifitwags.com its really nice and extremely well made, very good quality, its very strong and sturdy. I bought her the size small which the site says fits a 12-20" girth. But when i put it on lexi she seems to skinny for it and it just kinda floats on her. It really is a shame because its really a nice one and very cute. Maybe it might fit a cavvy thats a little more "rounded" lol :lol:
I cant return it because everything there is hand made. I paid $39.00 including the shipping, I'm asking $25 and that will also cover your shipping(in the US) its absolutely brand new still has the tag on it.
So to anyone that might be interested, thought i'd put it up for grabs to all our cavy friends first before I put it on ebay.
So below are the pictures, the first two are just the STYLE of the harness and the last one is the print that it was made in.
If you're interested PM me and we'll set up the paypal payment.



Cleo's Person
11th December 2007, 05:08 PM
It's beautiful. Why don't you hold on to it as Lexi will eventually fill out to fit beautifully in it. I know when we first got a Puppia harness for Cleo we thought it was way too big, but as she grew, she 'grew into it' as 'twere! In another few weeks, your harness may fit Lexi like a glove!

we luv lexi
12th December 2007, 02:57 PM
im impatient for things so i already got her a new one lol:p

13th December 2007, 02:11 AM
oh darn, i love the stripe print for my boys and you had me until i saw the pink polka dots! i am going to have to go look at their website. i hope you find a buyer!