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13th December 2007, 07:33 PM
Our family will be bringing our newest addition home after the holidays:luv:
We're very excited ~ but nervous too! We currently have an 9 year old golden and our cavalier puppy will be 10 weeks. Any suggestions on the introduction and transition (introduction, feeding, breaks for each, ex-pen, etc.....)? I want to make sure they're both happy with the situation. Also ~ I see some of you have pet insurance for your dogs. What age should this be started? I'm looking into petplan ~ anyone have thoughts on the coverage? I saw Kingston's Mom had some wonderful suggestions. How old is your dog? If you sign up with a puppy ~ do you go with bronze and then change to silver then gold as they age? The health issues do concern me ~ however ~ my breeder does all the health testing and has been breeding for a while ~ but life is life and things can happen. I think getting the insurance will alleviate some of the fears :( Thanks for all the wonderful advice on the forum:)

13th December 2007, 08:23 PM
Hi and welcome
were are you getting your new puppy from alot of breeders give out 6 weeks free I see you are looking at petplan I have heard that is a good one I have my dog covered by argos pet insurace A lot of people have M&S pet insurace but it has go up a lot this year