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21st December 2007, 11:29 AM
Press release out yesterday from Disney. Several breed clubs are concerned that Underdog will cause a run on their breeds, the CKCS being one. :(


-AKC Provides Educational Insert In DVD of Disney's "Underdog" -

New York, NY- After the successful collaboration between the American
Kennel Club(r) and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on Air
Buddies, The Shaggy Dog and Eight Below DVDs, they have again joined
forces to underscore the importance of making educated decisions when
buying a dog via an educational insert about Beagles in Disney's
December 18th DVD release of the comedy adventure movie, Underdog.

The AKC(®) joins the National Beagle Club, the American Cavalier King
Charles Spaniel Club and the American Rottweiler Club in sending the
message that potential puppy owners should carefully research a breed
when buying a dog and should buy only from a reputable source.

"We are grateful to Walt Disney Home Entertainment for again helping
the AKC stress that all potential puppy owners need to learn as much
as possible about all of the different breeds before selecting the
dog that will best fit into their family," said Lisa Peterson, AKC

Inspired by the original hit animated TV series, Underdog is a live
version of the classic animated television series. The story features
Shoeshine, an unassuming beagle who flunks out of K-9 training and
falls into the clutches of the unscrupulous Dr. Simon Barsinister.
Through a secret experiment gone awry, Shoeshine acquires incredible
superpowers, including the ability to fly and speak. Shoeshine uses
his new superhero powers to protect the beleaguered citizens of
Capital City as well as his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel sweetheart
Polly Purebred. The underworld boss Riff Raff is portrayed by three
Rottweilers who went straight from city shelters to major movie roles.

The home entertainment release of Underdog is bound to be a hit with
families and dog lovers alike, coupling hilarious high-flying canine
fun with bonus features such as deleted scenes, bloopers, a behind-
the-scenes "Diary of a Dog Actor" featurette, and more. To learn
about Disney's Underdog visit underdogdvd.com.

21st December 2007, 08:34 PM
Well that's a responsible move on Disney's part -- at least it's good PR. I remember that a lot of people were concerned about this when the movie was released last summer. Has anyone seen it yet?

21st December 2007, 11:57 PM
I saw it! I actually liked it; very cute. I liked the outtakes that showed paw shots of Polly Purebred (the CKCS) with Underdog. Although I was quite worried about people being ignorant and buying/breeding puppies (particularly with my fav breed) without thinking.

Daisy's Mom
22nd December 2007, 04:10 AM
I saw it last summer with my kids. It was pretty good. And Polly of course was gorgeous. I know exactly what you mean in the outtakes, Mishathepooh -- Polly was supposed to put her paw on Underdog's leg/arm, and she kept missing and kind of "slapping" him in the face and he just looked at her in such a tolerant, funny way, like "Hey, why'd you do that?"

I also was concerned about tons of people suddenly wanting cavaliers and thereby inducing more byb's and puppymills to produce them. Hopefully that won't happen. I have seen several more Cavaliers around our town in the last year, though, so maybe it did have an impact. I saw two at the Christmas parade in our town a couple of weeks ago.

Bruce H
22nd December 2007, 10:44 AM
What a great move on Disney's part!! When I first heard about this movie coming out, I was one of those who was really worried that people would be wanting to buy dogs just based on the movie. Hopefully now at least the parents (and kids) will watch the segment and take what is said to heart.

This thread also reminded me of something Kris told me last night. She said we haven't been getting any calls for puppies to speak of in the last month. Then yesterday she got 4, all from people who wanted to get a puppy and had to have it by Christmas. I didn't ask Kris about any details, I'll have to see where these people heard about Cavaliers.

I'll probably watch it when it comes out on the premium channels. I never cared all tha much for the Underdog cartoon and I was a little old for cartoons when Underdog was on TV, so never watched much.

27th December 2007, 02:22 AM
I bought the movie on BluRay. I couldn't find anything in the disc itself or in the enclosed literature about this.....The cavalier is very pretty. The movie is pretty cute too.

27th December 2007, 02:38 PM
I think it is a good move by Disney to add the information on responsible puppy buying to the DVD on Underdog. I will be interested to see the content and how strong it is. I have to say, however, that I am disappointed that Disney did not do something when the film was released in the theaters. I wrote to ACKCSC, the CKCSC, the AKC and Disney well before the movie was released and suggested posters in the theaters and some type of "announcement" before and after the movie about responsible dog ownership and about how to find responsible breeders. ACKCSC, CKCSC and the AKC all responded and said they were attempting to work with Disney on the issue. Disney never even acknowledged my letter, sent both by e-mail and regular mail and to the best of my knowledge did not do anything as part of the theater release of the film. A couple theaters in my area will put up posters provided by the local humane society when they are showing movies about dogs and although I did not see them I was told they did do that when Underdog was showing here. Every little bit helps.

The best help, in my opinion, is for each of us to be vocal when we are asked about our dogs about the importance of buying responsibly and being a responsible owner. Off my soap box!