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21st December 2007, 04:16 PM
I am making a rare exception to the rule of this being a cavalier area by posting this on behalf of Ann, the very hardworking rescuer who gets an amazing number of dogs out of the Dundalk pound. If you or anyone you know of, or a rescue, might be able to help, please contact Ann directly. These three collies and one terrier mix were living, emaciated, in a dark shed all their lives til seized by the pound and have had to remain in the pound for nearly a YEAR waiting for a trial in which they remained evidence. They need somewhere to go or will have to be pts after all that time spent with the pound wardens. These are all very nice, shy dogs deserving of a life.

Ann's plea:

These 4 dogs have spent almost 10 months in solitary confinement. They came in poor shape from dreadfull circumstances and have been the subject of a court case which made it impossible for them to be helped much to the disgust of the wardens, the spca and anyone that has come into contact with them. They had a poor existence before they reached the pound and at least they have got regular feeding since then but have not seen daylight since their arrival (or in fact much before they arrived as they were locked in sheds).

The wardens want to see these unfortunate dogs get out to new lives and have given us advance warning that when the 14 days are up they will need immediate removal from the pound to safety.

I am appealling for help with reascue places for these dogs. Can you give them back their lost youth (especially in the case of the sable girl who came in a pup and is now an adult) and let them see that there is something different than 4 walls and a cage.

Ann (086) 8237208, Emma (087) 7699133, Roisin (087) 6361349

or email at dundalkdogrescueATyahoo.co.uk

The dogs:

Please help them if you can!