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24th December 2007, 07:13 PM
Hello everyone! :luv:

I'm Kate and I am here with Franklin, my adorable 6 month old tri colored cavalier :D

I've already had allot of fun browsing your forums and laughed along with you discussing your crab walk poopers (I have one too!) and my heart broke reading your stories of sick dogs and those who've passed.

Franklin is my second cavalier and I absolutely adore the breed! I honestly do not think I could own another after being loved and sharing my life/bed/soul with a cavalier!

My first dog was actually a pug, which is a breed I've always enjoyed and been enthralled with for their goofy personalities. I met my first cavalier, a gorgeous blenheim, at the dog beach and thought she was the most beautiful dog I'd ever seen - and was shocked I'd never heard of the breed! Friends have joked that I sure "have a type" regarding these dogs big expressive eyes so similar to pugs.

My pug was tragically hit by a car while staying at a friends house - ironically he was staying there while I was moving into a new apartment because I was afraid he'd run out the door as we moved furniture :(

I didn't even want another dog, I was so grief stricken, until I saw a lovely blenheim cavalier on my local craigslist who needed a home. Now, I did allot wrong with this situation, and have learned allot from the experience. First of all, I paid $500 for this dog which is clearly *not* an adoption fee. I also didn't press for a veterinary exam before I took her home. I did ask for one, but when they refused I accepted that as I had already fallen in love with her. She died over a year and a half later from MVD. She had a progressive murmer that was never treated by her former family and had progressed so rapidly when I got her that there was very little that could be done. She was loved and adored and spoiled while I had her, and aside from veterinary neglect I don't think she was mistreated emotionally by her former owners so although she passed so young at four years old, I hope she had a happy life worth her loving spirit.

Flash forward a year and meet Franklin, my ADORABLE little wiggly waggly baby boy! I had been wanting another cavalier (but not a blenhiem, out of respect) and my closest friends/boyfriend surprised me with this fantastic little puppy! He is a tri color and has lots of speckly freckles on his nose which is why they picked him - I have "black" hair and freckles too :lol:

He is the absolute light of my life and is terribly spoiled. He comes nearly everywhere with me (which is sometimes hard to do in Los Angeles), LOVES playing with toys and other dogs and can never be too far away from a lap. He embodies the best of the cavalier spirit and is already my very best friend!

Sorry for the long winded introduction, thank you for taking the time to paddle through!

lady and amber
24th December 2007, 07:40 PM
Hi and welcome,
as you can see we all love our cav`s too, so you come to the right place.

24th December 2007, 09:49 PM
Hi and welcome! My furry monster also has freckles too. I really wanted a tri-color hoping someday to be able to get a second Cavalier! They are the most precious little doggies! :luv:

24th December 2007, 11:15 PM
Lovely to "meet" you Kate :)

There is something very special about Cavaliers, they do take over your heart and your whole life!!

I'm sorry that you 've had bad experiences in the past - tragic way to lose both your previous dogs, but so glad that you have Franklin now - a furry body is great for drying tears and making you get on with life.

looking forward to hearing all about your adventures together.