View Full Version : Spot cleaning vacuums

30th December 2007, 03:11 AM
Can anyone recommend a spotcleaning vacuum cleaner - like the Bissel Spot Bot, Bissel Little Green Machine, Dirt Devil Pet Spot Cleaner? Though Madison is more-or-less litterbox trained, she sometimes makes a mess.

I could really use a spot cleaner that will remove pet stains from carpet. There are a number of these type of machines on the U.S. market. I just don't know which one really works. Thanks!

Barbara Nixon
30th December 2007, 10:58 AM
I don't think the Little Green Machine is made anymore. Mine needs a replacement triangular nozzle and they are all listed as not available.

I bought mine, with the idea of cleaning puppy stains, when we haad Joly, but never used it, as it was quicker to deal with the stain, using kitchen towel, than get out the equipment and set it up.

3rd January 2008, 02:57 PM
Also you need to clean the stain with specific liquids to address the chemicals in urine or poop -- not a general cleaner, so general stain cleaners are not the right tool.

I find it easiest to blot well with paper towel then apply an enzymatic cleaner like FourPaws or Nature's Miracle. I use these on vegetable dyed, hand made wool Persian rugs (read: fairly sensitive carpets) and they successfully remove stains and smells without staining the carpet.

There's really no point in buying a machine IMHO -- even if it has the right enzymatic cleaner, you don't scrub the stain, you just let it soak then follow directions to let it dry. On patterned carpets like Persian rugs, you'd also risk having the dyes in the carpet run if it is scrubbed by a machine.

A more worthwhile investment is the Dyson handheld vacuum which runs for 6 minutes on a single charge (about 3 times the length of most) and has a beater bar attachment for bring up hair. This has been one of the best items I've acquired -- I can quickly do stairs or furniture without having to haul out the whole vacuum.