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30th December 2007, 09:43 PM
Which habits and customs do you have in your family/country on New Year's Eve??

In Germany the people are very crazy. They buy fireworks for many thousands Euros. Since last Thursday you can buy this terrible things. Since last Thursday the people launch it :mad: but it is illegal. Officially you can launch it on New Year's Eve 6 p.m. But nobody cares!!!

It's so terrible vor many animals or pets!!!

My dogs are very afraid of the loud noise, and also many other dogs. But nobody is interested!! No consideration! No respect! Peoply are just interested in their own fun.

On Thursday I walked my dogs in our residential area, suddenly two big loud cracks, 20 meters around to me. One Person has drop a firecracker from the near multi-storey building. The person see us!! I'm sure. Because my dogs have a little lamp on her collar! So I can better see the dogs and also other people can see the dogs in the darkness!

After the cracks Picco ran at home, Baggy stick on me as a stamp, only Josy was normaly.
Of cource the walk was now at the end. :mad:

Tomorrow I stay at home with the dogs. I give them sleeping pills.

lady and amber
30th December 2007, 10:23 PM
:mad: We have the same problem at midnight on new year with fireworks.

30th December 2007, 10:39 PM
In your country people are launch private fireworks too?

I hate this! .... So many money for nothing!

lady and amber
30th December 2007, 10:48 PM
Where we live is a large suburban housing estate, and people have parties for new year, and many off them let off fire works, some of them are very large display type of fire works,

31st December 2007, 12:34 AM
In Ireland people also do fireworks but not that many -- mostly they do fireworks on Halloween. But some are letting them off already -- twice today they went off while I was walking the dogs and it gets Lily barking. I am lucky that the dogs mostly don't care unless there are lots of them, and Lucy is deaf!

In the US where I am originally from people never do fireworks for new year's eve unless that has changed! But of course people have lots of parties in both places.

For the last few years I always have a few good friends around for dinner, anyone who isn't going to a party. But this year I have to do my radio slot on Monday evening so can't really do dinner as I don;t get home til 7:30 and will be preparing the info for the slot in the afternoon so no time to cook. And I am looking forward to staying in and reading or watching some movies instead that night! :rah:

31st December 2007, 12:49 AM
People do fireworks in the US too ... it might be somewhat regional though, and certainly some subdivisions and cities ban it ... that might be enforced more so in some areas than others.

When I grew up in St. Louis (in the middle), there were fireworks every new year at midnight. I believe they have them up here in the Northeast too, but I guess I'll find out tomorrow night! I spent New Years eve in NYC a few years ago and they had fireworks in Central park. Apparently it's an annual thing ... http://events.skyteam.com/sisp/index.htm?fx=event&event_id=45517

There are also other customs around New Year's too ... for example, in the south where I lived for a while, eating black-eyed peas on New Years is a way to encourage good luck!


It is funny because I haven't lived in the south for a long time, but I get the black eyed peas still every year ... can't hurt right??? And they are almost always sold out by new years eve!

31st December 2007, 01:47 AM
I'm orginally from scotland so we celabrate new year in a big way. Fireworks everywhere even in the streets and i can always remember my neighbour had 2 dogs and the poor wee things would go nuts with hearing the noise of the firework. So we'll be keeping a close eye on candi making sure she's alright.
I will also be keeping up with my scottish traditions , first footing... its when a person carrying coal or shortbread or drink be it non alcoholic or alcohol comes to your house after the bells chaps on your door, wishing you a happy new year and good luck for all year round. If its drink they bring in to your home then you offer them a drink and they offer you a drink from their own. I always put my daughter out a minute before the bells because she has dark hair( that also works) then i answer it when she chaps after the bells so i can get good luck. Its silly i know but thats just a traditioin i've been brought up with, the only difference is, it was always me that was put outside. lol. I do that for the rest of the week, dont let anybody in unless they have something on them and i do the same when i go to other houses.

31st December 2007, 09:11 AM
We're nervous about this tonight--fireworks are very big in Sweden and we live on a cliff overlooking the rest of town and the harbor, and it's a traditional place to shoot off fireworks. Both of the local newspapers have had front page articles this weekend reminding people to take into consideration how much fireworks frighten dogs and other animals, and had lots of tips about how to help your dog.
Here's what they said:

Shut the curtains so the dog can't see the flashes.
Play music or the radio so that there is other noise.
Don't leave the dog alone.
Take the dog out for peeing and pooing by 10:30, before the worst of the fireworks start.
If the dog wants to hide under the furniture or somewhere else, don't force it out.
Get the dog involved in games or other fun things.
Be as normal as possible.

Happy new year everyone!

31st December 2007, 10:15 AM
We put a piece of coal and a coin outside the door before midnight and then bring it in after the bells ring in the new year to bring luck into the house :D

31st December 2007, 10:26 AM
Normally we go out clubbing! as Grandma looks after the little ones. This year Grandma has gone to London to visit her brother so we are having a nice quiet night in with the boys all cuddled up on the sofa. Can't think of a better way to spend New Year:)

1st January 2008, 09:59 PM
It's weathered!!!

We also have big fireworks at New Years Eve midnight, but many people lett off fireworks long before and long after.

In my young days I also had partys, dinners or other out-of-home activities. But since I have Baggy and Picco I have to stay at home.

So I had look TV and chat with many friends.

Thanks for your Informations about your private tradition or the tradition of your country.

1st January 2008, 10:31 PM
In my region we don't do fireworks on New Year's. Most people like to spend New Year's Eve with friends and family either in their home or in a restaurant. I must say I have even gotten out of that celebration. Lately, my sister and I like to have a nice meal at home with Champagne and we are asleep before midnight. :)