View Full Version : Bella and Harvey update and photos

Emma n Renco
5th January 2008, 09:39 AM

Firstly Happy New Year everyone!!!

I have added some photos of Havey and Bella to my album. They are just soooo adorable together and like to cuddle up, the last 6 photos were taken this morning and you can really see how much more comfortable they are together it's lovely.

When we picked Bella up she was in such a mess and so neglected it was terrible. She has a broken back leg that never had attention which she just carries. Her ears were an inch thick with matted fur which she cried if we touched. Her teeth were in a terrible condition and when the vet put her under to clean and pull some teeth out she also did her ears which were full of scabs from her scratching them. Her ears were so full of ear mites the vets was horrified. The owner proudly told us she had never been to the vets - not sure whether he meant ever or not since a puppy. She's had vaccinations, been wormed clean teeth and went ot the groomers and is looking like a different dog now and so lovable. We feel very lucky that we have her, she's getting spayed next week, (Harvey gave up trying to mount her after a week because she was having non of it) but they have obviously never been alone together. At first we wondered what we had got ourselves into taking her on but it's all come good and we are very happy and recommend to anyone getting a 2nd cav!!!! xx

5th January 2008, 09:59 AM
She is so lucky to end upp whit you.cl*p