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Margaret C
8th January 2008, 05:42 PM
Information that may be of interest to UK members.

I feel that the Griffon breeders are to be congratulated.
They are certainly doing their best to stop their breed being as badly affected as Cavaliers.

"The Griffon Bruxellois Club is running a Symposium on Syringomyelia at Steventon Village Hall, Steventon, Didcot, Nr. Oxford on Saturday 1st March. The principal speaker will be Dr. Clare Rusbridge the leading Neurologist and Specialist on SM. Anyone wishing to learn more about this debilitating condition will be welcome. Information and a booking form is available from the Secretary - tel: 020 8660 0969 or email birchend@btinternet.com. The cost for the day will be £12 and refreshments will be available."

Best wishes,

Margaret C

8th January 2008, 06:20 PM
Thanks for the info, Margaret. These seminars are very much of general interest to anyone owning an affected dog or wishing to learn more about SM -- whatever the breed.

In addition this should be very interesting as griffons DO have many unaffected dogs within the research samples so far and are probably going to be the key breed to help researchers find the responsible gene(s) for CM/SM.

There's more information on this in the latest Rusbridge newsletter: