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10th January 2008, 12:24 PM
Charlie is 4 months old now and was doing brilliantly with his toilet training but since Christmas things have changed. We're using the potty mats and he's doing a wee no problem on the mat but poos in different areas of the kitchen and NEVER on the mat anymore. We've more or less had to start over with the crate training but yesterday after work and when he was out of his crate, i turned my back for 2 seconds and he has done a poo in the middle of the kitchen floor, i just said 'no' and brought him over to the mat for a few seconds and then let him run off.
When he starts to sniff around i'm keeping an eye on him but he tends not to poo when i'm in the room so i've been trying to peep around the corner to see what he's doing but he always catches me! :p
I just can't figure out when he's doing his wee on the mat but not his poo.

Also he's still fairly snappy and keeps chewing on peoples hands and fingers, i know he's being playful but will he grow out of this? I'm worried in case he accidently hurts my young niece or nephew.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated.:-p

10th January 2008, 12:32 PM
may i ask why you use Poo mats?

do you have a garden or back yard ?

10th January 2008, 12:39 PM
Yeah we do, but the breeder told us to use the mats and when he learns to use the mats then move the mats outside and then he'll learn to go outside.

Should i not be using them?

10th January 2008, 12:46 PM
I was becoming frustrated about him peeing on my living room rug, so I started "housetraining boot camp". He has to be in his crate every second he is not either on my lap, on a leash, or on my bed sleeping, etc. It has worked miracles and he has learned to love his crate. In the last week, I have had two accidents which is a HUGE improvement. Now he heads for the door when he has to go. As he starts having fewer accidents, I'll let him out of the crate more. I hate to do this, but it has to be done.

As for the mats, I would highly suggest you get rid of them. I had a toy poodle once who I paper trained, and once they know they're "allowed" to go in the house, I found it was nearly impossible for them to give it up. If you ever want him to do his business outside, take them away TODAY!!!!!

As for the chewing & biting, he is probably starting to cut his adult teeth. Make sure he has a lot of acceptable things to chew on ~ all of mine love "Merrick Bully Sticks"~ they are actually a tendon, all natural, but last a REALLY long time. The other disgusting thing they love are "Merrick Moo tubes", a dried out trachea pipe. Also, really long lasting. I would steer clear of rawhide or greenies. But, yes, he will grow out of the chewing! I think around 7 months or so they have all of their teeth.

I think the phase they are in is the equivalent of the adolescent years...fun stuff! :p

10th January 2008, 12:54 PM
Thanks for your reply Chloe92

So just take away the mats and take him outside everytime? I'll do that today so. How long do yo think it should take for him to get the hang of it?

I must have a look for some Merrick Sticks for him. He has a few things already but i think he just prefers hand right now!!

10th January 2008, 02:16 PM
When we were toilet training Chester, we would only put the mats down when we were out. As soon as we were home we took them up. We took him out for "toilet" after playing, sleeping, 20 mins after having water and basically any time he started sniffing around. The No 2's was always the easiest to notice as he would circle around before squatting - he's now 15 months and still does exactly the same.

It didnt take long for him to catch on and now he scratches at the back door when he wants to go out.

There is a book on house training in 7 days which worked really well for us. I cant remember the name but am sure someone else on here will know it.

10th January 2008, 02:19 PM
Forgot, he will grow out of his chewing. Although I think teething can last for the first couple of years. They cut their big teeth in any time after about 5 months but apparently these can still move around until they are out of their puppy years.

Whenever Chester would start chewing we would just get his attention & give him something appropriate to chew on. He soon got the hang of that as well & doesnt really chew on much apart from slippers..... although he is a teddy bear killer and will happily chew them apart in minutes!

10th January 2008, 02:37 PM
never in 22 years used a poop nmat i personally think even paper training slows and confuses pups mine are all in the garden at 5 weeks and normally almost clean at 8 when they go home ....poop camp LOL yeap i guess it is no messing here BOM BOM :)

10th January 2008, 03:21 PM
Thanks for your replies. I've taken up the mat so fingers crossed everything goes to plan!

Inca, that's great, it's been a very long time since there was a puppy in our house. I was so young then i didn't even know a thing about training!

Kelly, thanks, i think i read something about that book in one of Karlins posts. I hopefully will be able to get my hands on it this weekend.
I know only too well about chewed up slippers! When they go missing i know the first place to look! http://www.myparentconnection.com/forums/images/smilies/haha.gif He has alot of wounded teddies with no ears too!

10th January 2008, 03:40 PM
its time for you to be trained now ..............you will be amazed how fast he will catch on with only one place to go and poop ...

good luck

10th January 2008, 03:44 PM
Oh i hope so. :xfngr:

10th January 2008, 06:14 PM
I got Molly at 4.5 months and she was completely trained by 7 months... and even before that, the accidents she had were because I didn't pay attention to the signs she gave me. But she hasn't had an accident once since then and is now 13.5 months.

I didn't use the wee wee pads because Molly is also a chewer and she preferred to shred them into 1000 pieces. :eek: Plus, I agree with others that I think it would just be confusing. I just did crate training - she was in it at all times unless I could watch her like a hawk. I took her out on a regular basis or when she circled/sniffed, and then praised, praised, praised when she went outside! Worked like a charm. When I think about it now, I realize how easy it really was.

I have that book on housebreaking in 7 days. If you live in the US and would like it, PM me with your address and I'll put it in the mail to you tomorrow. :)

Good luck, and keep us posted on your progress!

11th January 2008, 10:40 AM
Thanks for you advice Laura http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/happy020.gif and thanks for the offer of the book, I live in Ireland though. I should be able to get my hands on it over the weekend. Since i took the mat up yesterday he's had no accidents, i know it's only the first day but so far so good! :xfngr: