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10th January 2008, 01:57 PM
I'm really gutted, the RC prescription food I ordered for Bailey has just arrived, the kibble's massive!! far too big for him to manage and it's really dry!. When I ordered it I asked the lady on the phone if it was the same texture as the sensible (oily/moist) and she said "Yes", she also knew it was for a puppy and what breed of puppy, she didn't mention that the kibble might be too big.

I've tried softening it with water but he doesn't seem to like his kibble like this, i've also tried bashing it with a rolling pin to break it into smaller bits, this is really time consuming and really messy!!!, so then I tried in my blender but it ends up a fine powder arrrgh!!!

I wouldn't mind so much but I had to order the big 6kg bag as they didn't have any smaller ones!!

Sorry folks, just needed a little moan!!

Sorry again, just realised i've posted this in the wrong place

10th January 2008, 02:12 PM
You could try ringing them and tell them you were told this was ok for puppies and could you have a refund. RC do do small kibble for pups.

Barbara Nixon
10th January 2008, 02:26 PM
It looks as though the kibble size varies,as the hypoallergenic one Teddy had was very small; in fact, too small ,as he never bothered to chew it.

10th January 2008, 02:55 PM
I to would ring them and ask for a refund or exchange for a smaller kibble. After all one of there people recommended it.

10th January 2008, 03:18 PM
I'd complain about the size to the company. . You might feel better (if nothing else)

10th January 2008, 03:28 PM
Estelle, perhaps it would be a good idea to discuss diet with your vet and see if you actually need a prescription food. You need to find out if he NEEDS a prescription diet and you need to be sure a special diet actually meets his dietary needs both as a young pup and as a pup that has had numerous health issues. Also how large is 'massive'? Most cavaliers have no problems eating larger kibble -- I know people who deliberately feed it in order to keep dogs from gulping food without chewing, and it is also better for scraping teeth to keep them clean. I routinely feed kibble that is about an inch square and even Lily who only weighs about 5kg has no problem all eating this. Keep in mind people feed dog treats all the time which are much bigger too. Your puppy is more than old enough to easily handle dry kibble (most vets don't advise wetting it all the time as then all the benefits to their teeth and gums of eating kibble disappears -- you might as well just feed a soft food and not worry about kibble and let chews and brushing keep his teeth/gums healthy). The oiliness of the kibble would not really make any difference -- and the kibble is definitely NOT moist nor does the coating make it softer (or it would rot in the bag). If you want moist kibble or oily kibble, simply add some warm water or teaspoon of salmon oil, the latter being very healthy for them, and stir. I actually have always thought the extra coating on the RC is kind of disgusting -- although I do think it is a good product.

If size of the kibble itself is truly an issue for your dog (does he actually have difficulty eating it? Given that many dogs are fed whole raw chicken wings, kibble should not pose any difficulty at all!), maybe ring the company before ordering any food to verify the kibble size?

But to be honest: the feeding (like/dislike/short term acceptance then rejection) issues you are talking about all sound behavioural and nothing to do with his health or ability to eat -- they just are very unlikely to be related to 'needing' one food over another and encouraging this behaviour by switching around foods is compounding, not solving the problems you are already having andare very rewarding for the dog because he is now seemingly getting constant attention from you over mealtimes. Try just NOT feeding him anything but what you WANT him to eat and don't moisten, bash, add things, etc. No treats -- just give him 10 minutes to eat. I will bet you that if you do this he will eat whatever heis given and all this fussing around will end. This is very typical problem behaviour centred around food and you need to end it now or he will do this with you for years.

Finally you cannot return open food generally. Why not donate the bag to a needy rescue? I am sure it would be greatly valued if you are not going to use it. :)

10th January 2008, 06:03 PM
I did talk to my vet about his diet and she agreed that maybe he has an intolerence to poultry and that he should try the fish instead to see how he goes, all I know is that things definately improved while he was on the prescription food that she provided. Now whether that was because it was salmon instead of poultry or that it was tinned I just don't know??

As he was already on RC and enjoyed it that was why I decided to use their prescription food instead of the Hill's that my vet prescribed, also i've read that Hill's isn't one of the better foods? although I am coming to the conclusion that if it works for Bailey then so be it, I just don't know, I just want to do the best for him.

I'm not sure about returning the food as the lady I spoke to about it was actually from RC, she advised me of stockists in my area but none of them had any so I ordered from the web.

Barbara Nixon
10th January 2008, 06:30 PM
Teddy was prescribed RC , by the vet and I bought it from Nutrecare. However, when we were due for a new sack, my husband was unable to collect and the same from Vet-medic (Manor Pharmacies) was more expensive, so I rang the vets to ask what other brands they recommended. (I knew there were other brands, as we got a sample of RC to see if he liked it-absolutely unnecessary with gannet guts). The nurse said she would look what brands they stocked, but when I said I'd get it off the net, she recommended JWB. I was just in time to get it on special offer at PaH.

Norma uses Wafcol salmon and potato as it suits her boys, but JWB white fish variety is very similar, as is Wainwrights (PaH's own brand).

Foods had no effect on Teddy, so we concluded that his itching was due to dust mites and possible other unknowns. We've been on atopica for two months, with good results (He still scratches a little, but no longer licks himself raw his coat is growing back and his skin is clear). I've started reducing his dose to alternate days, this week and his is scratching a little more today, but yesterday was a drug free day, so his body seems ready for some more..

10th January 2008, 06:47 PM
I did talk to my vet about his diet and she agreed that maybe he has an intolerence to poultry

Why? Which reason he had given for this sentence? Which test he had effected?

10th January 2008, 07:38 PM
None! He's had no tests to determine if he is actually intolorent or not, I explained that his poo's went from approx every hour and very soft/runny to twice a day and firm while on the salmon prescription food. His poo's have always been very soft and not firm at all, he kinda makes a circle of dots when he goes!! I have always used either chicken or turkey kibble and it was the vet that prescribed the salmon tinned as this is the one she prefers, I would have never bought anything fish. It's confusing as I don't know if it's fish or if it was because it was tinned that helped?? Maybe it's just a coincidence????

10th January 2008, 08:15 PM
I used the tinned RC prescription food for Dylan recently and it is rather "binding" I think, it's even hard to clean off the sides of the tin before recycling!

10th January 2008, 09:11 PM
Yeah I know what you mean, the hill's stuff was like that aswell! He still wolfed it down though and looked at me for more!!!

10th January 2008, 11:51 PM
What a kind of food he has had at the breeder? Which food had you given at the first time? When had you switched the food the first time?

Puppys are very prone to very soft a not firm poo’s at the first weeks. So we should feed the same food as the breeder. Many Puppys are reacting with diarrhea when we switch the food too early.

In an industrial food are many ingredients, not all are written on the packing. So I think your little puppy is reacting on some ingredients of the food and not of poultry. More likely is he reacting of corn, because corn is not a natural component on dog food. Not in this great amounts like in the most industrial food.
It is also possible that he is reacting on other ingredients like vitamin, minerals, trace elements or what ever.

Many dogs are also react with diarrhea of some industrial food, but isn’t an allergy of some components. It is a general intolerance of this one food. Other flavour from the same firm = none intolerance.

Would you know if he had really a food intolerance, than you must effect a preclusion diet (it is the correct name?? I don’t know. It is the word by word translation for the german term).
I explained the diet on an other thread. At the begin you feed two component, which you feed never ever! Maybe rabbit and potato. If he not reacts, you can add some other components. If he reacts, you take away the last new component.
On this way you find the component that is responsible for his intolerance, when it is an allergy.

At the moment the poo’s are okay? Good, very good, then is the food okay at the moment. But he can react of this food too!
So, I propose: Feed this food in the next time! Don’t switch again, but he has diarrhea. His little stomach needs rest.

a little other information:

The most vets are financed by food industry. Is a food firm given money to the vet, so the vet is proposing the food from this firm. Never mind if it’s good or it’s bad food.