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Brian M
12th January 2008, 02:33 PM
Hello Again
Well here in Prenton its not a bad day and weather wise its about 8 c but quite sunny and not a lot of wind ,so far today (i only work 5 day week and Dawns house mum to our five girls and Luke of course attends school about 3/4 mile away and my office is about 21/2 miles or 15 mins by car) Dawns gets up every day at 6.00 to let the girls out for a quick wee or ? as our cavs have their own crates which we keep in the lounge and our two lady cats have beds in the kitchen.So Ami and Tammi who are not allowed out on there own all night can go for an early morning stroll for an hour before breakfast while Rosie goes back to her own crate to finish her sleep and Pops and Daisy gallop upstairs and jump on the bed to ensure they have my full attention ,our Daisy then climbs into one of two radiator beds to finish off her sleeps and Pops just cuddles up to me and loudly snores down my ear before we all rise about 8 for me to prepare brakfast for them.Today being Saturday about 8.45 Luke and i with Pops Daisy and Rosie generally go to an area between New Brighton and Moreton its part of the Wirral Way conservation area its right by the estuary or the river Mersey and theres a walk along the sand dunes where the girls can chase about off lead in a quite safe and secure environment ,its normally a game of tag with Rosie whos only six months hurtling away closely followed by Diasy 11 months, Pops being the old girl of 18 months trotting sedately behind, but quickly Rosie alters the game and decides its time to tackle Poppy and her long flowing ears.Its all good enjoyable fun for us all for an hour then its back home pick up Dawn pop downtown for an hour with a quick bite then home again .At the present i am just watching a game of rugby upstairs with Daisy chewing a nylabone and Poppy having 40 winks then about 3pm we all go out for walk number 2 ,probaly the same place for another mad hour then maybe Luke will fancy a chip batch but i,ll have my chocolate cornet and the girls as we are by the sea can have one there healthy crunchy fish biscuit treats, oh well dont the week ends go quick!.

13th January 2008, 11:22 AM
It was pretty miserable here yesterday. Only rained a little but was quite mild.

It sould like weekends are a real treat at your house, going playing on the sand and getting chips and ice cream.

In summer, when the nights are brighter we like to take ours to to the beach at Ainsdale ( if you go after 6 you don't have to pay the extortionate car park price!)

Brian M
13th January 2008, 04:48 PM
Hi Merlinsmum

We went again today but for a short walk as its not very nice out still raining but i did have a vanilla cornet with a choc flake in and Luke decided on some doughnuts and then the girls all lined up to face slightly Norwest (i think ) and then all together they gave a BIG wag of their tails and a loud bark to say hello.I hope you heard.

13th January 2008, 04:57 PM
Well, we went to Grannies and the boys had some chicken, broccoli and cauliflower - a little heatlther than doughnuts and icecream :)