View Full Version : Anyone tried the Jan Fennell training method?

15th January 2008, 04:47 PM
This past Sunday I attended a presentation put on by our local CKCS breed club featuring an APDT trainer Penny Locke who was trained in the Jan Fennell training method referred to as the "Amichien Bonding" method. It was a fascinating presentation! A lot of it was from Jan's book "The Dog Listener", (which i read probably 3 years ago) and it focuses on speaking the canine language to help form the bond of trust between you and your dog.
Has anyone ever used this method? I have had some continuing areas of difficulty with Riley, despite the many trainig classes we have attended. I was considering trying this Amichien Bonding method because it makes a lot of sense to me. Trying to train a dog using it's own canine-type ways seems like it would be a more straightforward way to work on problem behaviors. Not to mention, i would like to have a stronger bond with my dog. :luv: (He's not exactly a velcro-like cuddle pup, never has been.)
Anybody heard of this or have any experience with it? I think Jan Fennell is based in the UK. I am curious to hear your replies. Thanks.