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Brian M
16th January 2008, 10:09 PM
The girls are all on Sat going to the groomers for the full set i know this topic has been done loads before but what is the main concensus of opinion pls,when i am asked by the groomers what would i like, what should i say. I do not show or breed but i want a cav to be a cav Poppy is b&t quite long haired and heavy coated ,Daisy is a typical Loraranka blenheim shes a small girl with a light wispy coat and Rosie our little 6 month old ruby has quite a thick smooth coat but not as heavy coated as pops ,Any advice comments thoughts and guidance would be most wellcome.

16th January 2008, 10:37 PM
Why do you want them to be trimmed? I only have the pads of the feet trimmed flush, not between the pads so my dog doesn't slip on my wooden floors. If you don't like the feet getting dirty they can be trimmed with thinning scissors to make them shorter but with a natural soft look. :thmbsup:

17th January 2008, 12:30 AM
They can thin the b&t's coat for example. Some like them trimmed a bit on the hind legs so that hair doesn't get dragged in urine by the girls or gets bits of poop. in it. really it depends on your dogs and your preferences.

Personally I hate the way trimmed or shaved dogs look and hate it when their ears are short but that's me. One of the main reasons I got a cavalier was their coat but I know some get them for personality alone and don;t care for the long coat.

I do take some weight out of Lily's coat as it is really long and flyaway and won;t sit flat over her rump as she has a so-so coat but I do this myself with a Furminator tool. I also take a bit of length of her skirt on her hind legs or she drags it in her urine as she is quite small. I don;t touch the coat on the boys except to take a bit of belly hair off Leo as he pees on it (Jaspar is a very clean boy). I used a blunt trimming scissors to trim the hair between their pads but leave all the length on the top.

You can ask a groomer to just do a wash and dry and to take out the hair on the bottom of their paws but you need to be really, really clear that you want NOTHING trimmed. If you do want anything trimmed you need to be very very clear of what you want done. I have found most groomers will otherwise shave them down and cut the hair on their paws and ears as they will assume you want them trimmed short.

17th January 2008, 01:04 AM
Just wondering, what is a Loraranka blenheim? I never heard that term...

We only trim the fur between Sasha's pawpads (flush w/ the pads). She's a blenheim w/ a soft wispy coat which is not very long at all (she's almost a year and a half). I'm kind of hoping her coat stays this length, as it's pretty easy to manage. :)

17th January 2008, 07:12 PM
Just wondering, what is a Loraranka blenheim? I never heard that term...

I think it's the breeders kennel name :)

17th January 2008, 08:02 PM
when my mam took our dogs to the groomers she just asked for them to be trimmed to the style of the breed.there fur was still kept long but just tidied up and made more neat.they looked alot better to me.if you have a boy you can normally ask them to trim around there bits so there pee doesn't go on there fur.

Brian M
17th January 2008, 09:59 PM
Just enter "LORANKA" as a search in the Google engine and it will take you to the breeders web site in N. Wales.The kennel is owned by a lady named Lorraine Hughes (hope she does not me mind me naming her) she is the lady who very kindly let me acquire Daisy (Lorankas Dawns Delight) and her kennels go by the show name of Loranka,and to my knowledge hers is one of the most successful show kennels in the UK and in 2001 her CH Lorankas Celebration (Daisys Grandad) was top pointed cavalier in 2001and 2002 and Crufts breed winner in 2002cavtiny.Last March when i travelled the 60 odd mile to collect Daisy , Lorraine informed that her pedigree name had not been registered and asked if i had any suggestions for her after her kennel name of Loranka ,i remembered that a long time ago there was a racehorse with the name of Dawns Delight and which i occasionally put a couple of quid on and with Dawn being my wifes name i enquired if Daisys pedigree name could be "Loranks Dawns Delight".Lorrine kindly agreed and daisys pedigree name became just that but of course she is just one our best cavs along with Poppy and Rosie but a big thanks to Lorraine (she is also a top cav show judge) for allowing us to have Daisy.

17th January 2008, 10:41 PM
I know of Loranka but you spelt it differently in the first post ;)

Brian M
18th January 2008, 09:34 AM
Sorry just my poor typing skills and being rushed and also trying to keep one eye on three cavs,Daisys chewed 3 of my ethernet cables in the last week ,she jumps on the bed and pretends to fall asleep behind my laptop whilst Poppy and Rosie distract me.I think its a combined operations job they dont appreciate computers and want me to constantly attend to them.

18th January 2008, 11:22 AM
:lol: That was the first thing my breeder told me when she came to my house, "You'll have to do something about those cables!" (we only had the TV and stereo plugged in). Dylan never showed any interest in them though thankfully.

What have you decided about the trimming?

Brian M
18th January 2008, 02:33 PM
What is the correct name given to the hair that grows around the cavaliers feet ,i am just jotting some notes down for the groomer tomorrow ,i know the leg hairs are feathers but i am stuck on the foot hair name.Tks in advance.:confused:

18th January 2008, 02:34 PM
Foot hair is called slippers, chest hair is the bib i think, leg hair is feathers and I call the bottom hair bloomers!

18th January 2008, 06:56 PM
I call the bottom hair bloomers!

I think I prefer "undies" for the boys! Poor Dylan having bloomers!:rotfl:

18th January 2008, 07:17 PM
:lol: Kirsty, I saw another post today by you calling them undies, I like it!

18th January 2008, 07:31 PM
We also have "put your pj's on" this means taking your puppia harness off, collar and getting into bed.

Of course in a morning they have to put their harnesses on to go out because you can't go out "in the nudie"

Do you think I've gone a bit mad??? we do have some funny names for things ( Sorry Brian for hijacking your thread!)

boy bit - lipstick
bottom hair - undies/boxers (obviously little puppies don't have unides so they have to go out in the nuddy!)
taking the harness off - put your pj's on
chest hair (aka bib) - chezzy
asking to roll over - show me ya bellybops
teeth - peggies
slippers? people must think we put our cavs in slippers;)
scooting - boot scoot boogie (Thanks to Cathy of the moonies)