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23rd January 2008, 12:13 PM
You can read Max's story here:


Everyone here will know how I go on and on and on about working ONLY with reputable breeders and paying that extra as necessary to get a puppy from a sound and trusted, KNOWN source, a show breeder who understands health testing, conformation and genetics.

Dogs like poor Max are the reason why.

In his lifetime, Max has no doubt fathered hundreds, and very likely thousands, of puppies. Those are the ones that get sold through brokers, petshops, 'meeting someone in a carpark', imported to the US as 'British champion lines' and sold through online sites etc. Or maybe someone listing dogs in the small ads, who says they bred them themselves -- and so it might seem when you go the the house, which might seema normal family house.

Would you want a puppy from such a father? Knowing this is the condition he is in at this age?

Sadly, Max will likely have passed early onset, severe MVD to almost all of those puppies, now loved family pets somewhere and facing the same grim future. .

And this is why people should NEVER casually breed their dogs! No matter how tempting to get 'just one litter', no matter how perfect you think your dog is. You could have a puppy from a dog like Max for years before his health would deteriorate and your dog could look fantastically healthy until then (so many times I hear from people intending to breed -- 'but my dog is in perfect health so I know his/her puppies would be really healthy'. **Not with a progressive condition like MVD -- you need to know the pedigree and family health history, and have heart tested parents and your own dog within the MVD guidelines.**

If you have such a puppy, and breed him or her as an adult, you are passing this condition on, and on, and on... :(

THis is precisely why MVD has such a foothold in the breed, why it is now impossible to fully eradicate, and why so many of us will lose our dogs years before their time should come -- people think they want just one litter because their dog is so nice, they want puppies just like him/her... whatever.

* Please think before ever buying a puppy from an unknown or casual source. This supports a chain of cruelty!

* Stick to reputable club affiliated breeders (not just with a national registration -- make sure they are ACTIVE in clubs and known to other reputable breeders and have a history of healthy dogs).

* And please do not EVER breed yourself. If you want to show and breed, get involved with clubs, learn the ropes, find a mentor, and help cherish and preserve the breed.

Bruce H
23rd January 2008, 12:37 PM
Thank you for posting that, Karlin. I wish more people were aware of where puppies come from when they buy from a pet shop, newspaper, broker or BYB; and mostly shopping for price.

Just the other day, Kris got another one of those calls where the first question was "How much are your puppies"; this time not even do you have any puppies. Guess she thought buying a puppy was like buying a lawn mower from Sears. Kris started her talk about researching, etc., but she was cut short. Sigh.

Cathy T
23rd January 2008, 04:12 PM
Thanks for posting that Karlin. As sad as I feel for Max I feel even sadder for his offspring and their owners. Many of them have probably already encountered health issues with their puppies and those that haven't surely will. It's a never ending cycle.

Claire L
23rd January 2008, 04:58 PM
I was in the Vets this afternoon with Minnie and every dog that was in there was purchased from a BYB and all of them had serious health problems :(.

24th January 2008, 07:34 PM
As long as a lot of people want a "special" breed pup not beeing willing to pay a proper price for it - you´ll be fighting windmills..:(

It´s soooo sad Karlin - but the truth! Unless people don´t recognise that every cent they "save" on their pups price will become a small fortune in vet bills - and unless those people support BYB´s, there won´t be an end of all this suffering!

The same holds true for all the poor souls sitting in rescue-shelters or ponts. Unless people don´t start to THINK before they get themselves a dog... Well, I won´t have to worry that there will ever be a shortage of new members to our family.... :swear:

25th January 2008, 09:08 AM
Thank you Karlin for explaining this so well.

If it helps just one person re-think where to buy their puppy, it will make a difference.

25th January 2008, 11:48 AM
Could I add to Karlin's Post ,that here in Britain ,the Accredited Breeders Scheme that the Kennel Club runs ,does NOT require those Accredited Breeders to Heart Test their Cavalier Breeding Stock .

The only answer has to be ,for Prospective Cavalier Puppy Buyers to ask to see a certificate from the Cavalier Breeder ,showing that a Heart Test has been carried out on the Puppy's Sire and Dam.
This will not guarantee that the Puppy wont develope a Heart Problem in the future ,but at least the Cavalier puppy Buyer will know that that Breeder Is trying to give the Cavalier Puppy a Healthier .Longer Life .

In a recent UK Cavalier Magazine wrote ,that that the Cavalier Heart Problem is no better than it was 10 years .

I know that the UK Cavalier Club are trying to solve the Heart Problem ,and that some Cavalier Breeders do do Heart Tests ,but so many don't .

So as I mentioned ,Cavalier Pet Buyers ,ask to see a Heart Certificate from the Cavalier Breeders ,about the condition of the Puppy's Sire and Dams Heart .

I feel that only by doing this ,and it's really up to the Cavalier Pet Buying Public .will the Heart Problem in the Cavalier Breed improve ,where Researchers mention that 50% of Cavaliers could have a Heart Murmer by 5 years of age

This means that of the 11,000 Cavaliers registered last year ,6,000 of them could have a Heart Murmer in 5 years time