View Full Version : It sounds bubbly :(

23rd January 2008, 01:05 PM
Hi, SORRY to bother you AGAIN!
My kaytee has many health problems and one of them is a grade one heart murmur, she was on fortikor and frusemide, the vet said to put the frusimide upto two tablets again as she has a cough that comes and goes all day, but with her frusemide at this high dose she still had the cough, my vet said we couldn't really up the dose anymore and that when she listened to her chest she couldn't hear any fluid or crackles so she thinks she may not even need the frusemide, She then went onto say that the fortikor just might not be right for kaytee so we changed to vetmedin which she started last Friday and I have been giving it every twelve hours a hour before food, (well as close to that as I can).
I have left the frusemide for now till we know how things are with the vetmedin, we have lowered them from 2 to one and a half which hasn't worsened the cough.

The thing is though sometimes kaytees nose sounds kinda bubbly when she breathes, it is hard to explain, she does have a elongated soft pallet would this do anything to her nose?
Thanks again for all you do to help me and sorry I am the forum PAIN IN THE UNMENTIONABLES!!