View Full Version : jadans getting bigger!

23rd January 2008, 02:08 PM
jadan is nearly two and i gather from reading bits on this site that this is when they start to pile it on if not carefull so wanted a bit of advice.

i am wondering if it is just because we are going through a dull winter and he isnt running off lead as much as in the summer. we tend to walk more on lead, though he will get a good half hour run off in the afternoon....if we take him to the river or farmland otherwise he just trots along sniffing in the park and never builds up much speed unless a stray squirell or cat is in sight! plus his morning and evening walk of about 20 mins each. and of course long weekend jaunts etc etc.

he has a denta chew or small biscuit for breakfast and then he is on 50g jwb lamb and rice mixed with half of their wet pouches which he loves. once a day in the evening mainly after his last walk at around 7pm. he has done so well on this mix seeing as he was SUCH a fussy eater to start with he has hardly ever turned his nose up at this mix. but he is getting bit chubby....people have said he has put on a bit. he is very fluffy and so this makes him look bigger but when he is bathed he has got a waist line...just! i dont want him to get any bigger and was wondering if it is just the time of year and shorter days or if he should be cut back on portions? the pack says to give him sooo much more than he does get. up to 5 kilo dog is 95g i think and he is over 7kilos by now and is getting so much less. or do i feed him in the morning so he has a chance to work it off more? :)

23rd January 2008, 02:28 PM
hi my little girl ruby is 22 months old and she has put some weight on she was sprayed last year but i take her out all the time and watch what she eats but she still seems to be a little larger than before i too have people saying shes put weight on and she also has fluffy fur think its just some do some dont as she gets more exercise than me so unless he gets tio heafly i wouldent worry to much summers here soon that makes all the differance:dogwlk: