View Full Version : When do puppies get their bark?

26th January 2008, 04:14 AM
My new puppy Bella only barks right now when she is excited or when one of her toys goes under the couch.

One time she barked when I walked away from her, and I thought oh-no she has started attention-seeking-barking.

When did your pup start barking and did you do any training for it?

26th January 2008, 09:44 AM
Cessa started barking at about 4 months.

We're now working on stopping her unwanted barking. After trying a couple of approaches, we seem to have settled on going up to her when she's barking, looking at what she's barking at, and saying in a kind of tough but kind voice "No problem" and picking her up and moving her to another spot. That way we tell her the pack leader has checked it out, and we're breaking her attention from it by moving her (but not really giving her attention because she would prefer that we come to her and stay where she's hanging out and barking, if you see the difference).

This seems to be working better than "Quiet" but we'll see. This morning I got her to stop barking at the next door neighbor's cat when we were out on a walk by doing this--I sat down next to her and told her "no problem". I want her to get used to seeing the cat without barking, so we sat there until he walked away, and when I felt her tensing up but not barking I gave her a treat and told her she was clever.

Long answer, the short answer is enjoy the non-barking while it lasts!