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27th January 2008, 04:09 PM
I husband picked up a pack of the frozen lamb medallions for Maverick. He Love Love Loves them. I'm just not sure how much I should feed him. He's just over 10 months old. I also want to use up the kibble he has. He usually eat about a cup and 1/4 of that each day.

27th January 2008, 08:56 PM
I had good luck doing 1/2 medallions and 1/2 kibble. I read somewhere never to feed both together because the kibble takes longer to digest than the raw and if they are mixed together the RAW has a higher chance of deveoping bad bacteria and making your dog sick. I know people who do mix them, but I wouldn't take the chance. I do have great results on the medallions with mine though and their poops/coats are AMAZING! Also, be careful when you give him the medallions as I know of one case where someone found a fairly large bone in a medallion. I just pick through them before I give them to the dogs and I've never had a problem. As for portion size, I find that the Nature's Variety website is pretty good and accurate when it comes to correct portion sizes. Kosmo, who is 15lbs, got 2 1/2 medallions in the AM and 1/4cup of food in the PM. :) He's also not a puppy though, and I understand puppies need more! :) Good luck!! :flwr:

27th January 2008, 09:47 PM
Thanks for the info. I will make sure to squash the them to check for bones.