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29th January 2008, 09:32 PM
hi guys babs here i have a five month blenheim called alex.hes like our new baby even though my baby is almost five years old and at school!when michael and i first got alex we thought ok we'll have a new puppy kids will love him and we'll have a pet,little did we know how much we'd love him too.he follows me everywhere,watches me all the time with his little sad brown eyes thats what makes him so adorable.we are taking him on holidays to france with us in july for five weeks we have a touring caravan he just got his passport u should see his photo he holds his head so proud ah my little "poody" thats his other name when he's getting hugs and kisses .we play hide and seek with him its just so funny he sniffs everywhere til he finds us he loves it his tail going wild and then he licks the face off us.i have 3 kids and they love him like their little brother constantly watching him ,playing with him,checking his ears to make sure they're clean its lovely to watch them caring for alex.if anyone has any tips for holidays id be glad to hear as its a first for me ! tanx

30th January 2008, 01:30 PM
I don't find taking my boys camping any more work than being at home:) In fact I'd rather them come away with us as they provide nice little hot water bottles!

So I can't vote in either of your options;)

31st January 2008, 09:31 PM
Welcome to the board! :)

As long as you have plans to all hang out rather than leaving the dog so you can go do other things, bring him along if you'd like! Make sure he is always on a lead though and is microchipped plus has collar and tags. The thing is he is quite young and could easily bolt at that age and won;t have recall or have any idea where he is, so it's important to be extra cautious.

Do you have a pet passport for him (the formal one from DEFRA?) So you've done all the rabies injections, testing etc? If you travel with him you want to make absolutely sure his paperwork is in order or you can find he won't be readmitted to the UK. But the passports are great for travel once everything is in order! Check with your vet to about whether you need special vaccinations for the area of France you are going to. Warmer areas sometimes have other diseases you need to vaccinate against. :thmbsup:

31st January 2008, 09:55 PM
hi thanks for the info. really helpfull when we go away we like to just relax and spend some quality time together rather than a really active holiday so Alex wont have to spend much time on his own its when we might want to go out for a meal or visit the circus for eg. we're taking him to wicklow with us for St. Patricks weekend so its a little test run for us to see how things go,i think im just a little nervous and the kiddies are worried as to how he spends his time on the boat going to france they imagine him being in a dundgeon we're staying in brittany then heading to cherbourg to come back to ireland so the heat wont be a problem :)

Claire L
1st February 2008, 06:37 PM
Hi, would I be right in thinking that I met your hubby in St Annes Park with Alex? If I am :rah: glad you signed up here. You'll find lots of info and friendly advice.