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6th February 2008, 07:36 PM
I just watched a programme about dogs being handed over to new families, because their previous owners for some reason or another couldn't have them anymore. It was so sad to see this owner parting with his dog. This one moved from his parents and into a new apartment, and none of them could have the dog (a cairn terrier). Then he could choose between two families, where the dog would get a new home.
I have been reluctant to watch the show, and of course I ended up in tears.
I am not sure about my own opinion about giving dogs away in a tv-show, but it was not a show with an audience in studio. The dogs visited the two potential families for a day, and the dog was watched by a professional dog-therapist. Besides it has been worse to let down a young and healthy dog, so I feel rather indecisive about this way.
What is your opinion? And no, I don't ask because I have to give Molly away, she is safe and sound where she is. I cuddled her a little extra after and during the show.

Elaine 2
6th February 2008, 11:52 PM
I feel sorry for people who have to part with any animal, the genuine people who's life just goes downhill and they have no choice in the matter, but not for people who just take animals then get sick of them and don't even bother to train them then expect new owners to get them trained when they are adults, l just couldn't part with any of mine they stay here with me come what may,

7th February 2008, 12:00 PM
In rescue, this is the reason for a lot of the dogs I get being in rescue -- setting aside the ones from pounds or bad situations, most belong to people who want to rehome. Sometimes they are very sad about it -- sometimes pretty matter of fact and many times they want the dog gone NOW and why can't I come get it immediately? :-|

It is heartbreaking though for the people who really love their dogs, and find themselves where they feel they must give up a dog -- eg a new baby that is asthmatic. I just rehomed two pairs of dogs from people who wee crushed to have to rehome. Other times people realise the idea of a dog was far different from the reality -- dogs take a LOT of time and attention and I respect people who to least realise this and try to find a good home. Some take such dogs to the vet to be put down! :( Including cavaliers; I've had a few of those come in too.

A TV programme could be kind of... shallow -- but on the other hand if the behaviouralist is there and you get to see what makes for a good adopting family, and the reasons people give up dogs, that might help some people think through getting a dog more carefully, and likewise help people think of what they would want if they are trying to place their dog themselves.

I homecheck my rescue dog homes and typically spend 20-90 minutes or so going through my homing pack (info on the breed, vaccinations, feeding and obesity, health issues to watch for, platelet issues, etc) and talking to the people to make sure their garden is dogproof as well as advising on any questions they have on rescue dogs, cavaliers, dogs generally. Placing dogs does tke time and if people can see how this is done then it would help them I think, to decide whether they can manage a dog at all. Even doing all this, you do have people who find a given dog isn't right for them or that any dog isn't going to fit in.

8th February 2008, 08:14 PM
I just helped a young couple rehome their 14 month old cav to my parents. They were very upset and tearful to see him go but have just had an unexpected 3rd baby which has overwhelmed them. They knew they couldn't manage him properly and felt bad for him. I must say I respected them even more when they said they didn't want any money for him. I find it rsther annoying when people don't want their dogs anymore but still want £400 for an adult cav!!

I arranged for my mum to give them £100 anyway as I'm sure they need it with 3 children under 3!!

My parents are absolutely delighted with Harley. He has been well trained and my mum feels he is their perfect dog. A happy ending all round! :)

8th February 2008, 10:15 PM
I absolutely agree with all of you. Rehoming is absolutely wonderful, whenever possible. I can see that my doubt wasn't shining through clear enough on the first post. I have no objections agains rehoming at all, I was just doubting whether a TV-show was the right place to do it. But my doubts have gone now, because the TV-show may help some people think before they get a dog.