View Full Version : Whole Dog Journal Food List -Shall I change?

7th February 2008, 01:55 PM
I have just subsribed to the WDJ and have read the food list for 2008. I'm concerned because I feed Sally on James Wellbeloved and Nature diet and neither are on the list. I notice Burns and Nutro are both on the list and they are both available near me. I'm wondering whether to change Sally to one of these foods? They are similar price too and of course I want Sally to have the best. She's been fed on JWB and naturediet for about 8months now with no problems. Does it do them good to have a gradual change to a good food?:confused:

7th February 2008, 02:29 PM
I rotate foods every couple of months. I really don't think there is one perfect food.

7th February 2008, 02:46 PM
WDJ is a US publication and only evaluates foods distributed widely in the US (eg generally available in the US). Neither of those foods is widely available in the US (or perhaps at all, as far as I know) so I wouldn't rely on that list if you are in Europe. There are a huge range of quality European foods -- many of them on Zooplus wesbites, from UK, Dutch, Italian, Austrian, German, Swedish producers -- that would never appear on any of the US lists. Burns is distributed now in the US -- it is a good food but would no doubt fail the dogfoodanalysis site's analysis based on their criteria.

I don't know of any publication or site that evaluates European foods but I basically go by ingredients.