View Full Version : German sherpherd on it's way....

11th February 2008, 03:20 PM
Hi everyone, hope you are all well :)

I finally gave in and told my other half he can fulfill his wish of owning a German Shepherd. I'm already losing sleep. I am so worried coco will be hurt by the GS which will undoubtedly grow a lot bigger than she is. we have decided to go for a boy, because we were concerned that two girls would be asking for trouble. the plan is for the GS to live outdoors during the day,but even that is a worry because i'm afraid it will be jealous of coco in the house and create animosity. I would much rather another small housedog for coco to have a friend, but my OH has wanted a GS since he was a child... any suggestions of how to introduce the two would be much appreciated as would advice on what sex would be best???
thanks in advance :)