View Full Version : Spring latch crate, a caution!

14th February 2008, 02:52 PM
I just wanted to share a scare that we had with our Dottie yesterday. I left with my mom for less than an hour for a lab/blood draw visit. I crated Dottie, as we always do when we can't watch her for a few minutes or when we leave for a very short time.

We came home and she had somehow hooked her bottom tooth in the front door of the metal grate, at the bottom, and could not get free!! She was crying and so was I as I tried to get her free!:(

Thank the Lord, her teeth and gums were uninjured, and she acted as if it was no big deal as soon as we got her out, but I was horrified that this could even occur!:eek: This is a Petmate hard plastic kennel and I have never had a problem before regarding safety. I did notice that there is about a 1/4" give up and down in the front door, and she must have been trying to tunnel out while we were away.

I am going to look for a different type of crate where that cannot happen. Maybe the twist knob type that Bruce described in the other thread? Has this happened to anyone else? If not, just be aware.

14th February 2008, 04:03 PM
It's never happened to me, but I have heard of other people describing similar accidents, a couple of cases the dogs actually broke their jaws by panicking trying to free themselves. Both spring type and knob style closures can have this same problem - The thing you want to look for is how tight the wire door fits to the frame of the crate to prevent that from happening!!!

Cathy T
14th February 2008, 05:49 PM
Poor thing...must have scared you to death (I know it would have upset me!!) Glad she's okay.