View Full Version : Brandy, Glitter and Star

14th February 2008, 10:54 PM
these are my three guinea pigs when they were babies, they are now 1 year old and treva's girlies!! they dont like Alfy or Poppy but love Treva!! everytime i hold them, Treva licks each one over and if they squeak when i cut their nails he's right there to make sure that they are ok. in the summer Treva lies by the run most of the day just watching them run around.


22nd February 2008, 02:25 AM
Oh I love guinea pigs!!! I had them when I was young. They make wonderful pets. Mine were little squeeelie pigs, but so loveable. Have fun with your furry crew!

23rd February 2008, 12:14 PM
I love your description of how Treva gets along so well with them. :) They are very handsome! I always wanted a guinea pig but somehow ended up with everything else but.

23rd February 2008, 01:11 PM
Aw!! :luv: Lovely to hear how well Treva gets on with them too!!