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16th February 2008, 02:10 PM
What fun! Yesterday Amber went to her first dog show, and boy did she love it!! Her previous owners had trained her for show and it had always been in the plans for her, but they hadn't actually shown her. Now I've created a monster LOL Yesterday she took Best of Winners picking up her first competitive win with the UKC (because of the smaller size and friendlier atmosphere, I always start my dogs at UKC shows instead of AKC shows), and she KNOWS she won! This morning she's relentless LOL We've got 2 hrs before we need to leave for the show - She got me up an hour ago, and she keeps telling me it's time to go, grabbing her leash, doing what ever she can to make sure I know she's ready to go back to the show ROFL What would I do without this little girl? She's such a hoot!

One of my IGs took a Group 1, and one of my best friends who has 2 cavaliers took the group 2 - I think Amber saw that they got to keep showing after her, and so now she wants to win even more, she's got all the attitude, and everyone keeps commenting on what a sweet expression she has - Honestly, I still don't know much about the cavalier standard, but if they're judged on sweetness alone, Amber would surely win Best in Show every time!!!!!!

Daisy's Mom
16th February 2008, 03:17 PM
Wow! Congratulations, that must be very exciting! From her picture, I would definitely agree about Amber's sweet expression.

Sometimes in the way back of my head, I think that when we are empty nesters, I might want to get a show-quality Cavalier and try it out. It looks like fun, if you approach it with the right attitude, which it certainly seems you have! Some people get too stressed out about it, or fuss over their dogs so much that it doesn't look like much fun to them. One breeder I talked to several years ago told me that she quit showing her dogs because the politics in the ring were just too much for her.

I think I would like it because of getting to know other Cavalier enthusiasts, having fun with the dogs, fun competition, etc. I wish there was a fun match around here sometime that I could bring Daisy to. The big one I know of is in Texas. I go to all of the Cavalier shows within a reasonable driving distance and I do think I could be bitten by the bug when the time was right. For now, I enjoy going just seeing the dogs and the breeders interacting, and sometimes getting involved in some rescue work that is arranged during these shows.

18th February 2008, 05:33 PM
Ya, I agree with you about alot of show people. My show dogs are first and foremost my babies!!! I enter the show ring every time with the attitude that if I win, I'll be grateful - If I don't, I still have the best prize of all at the other end of the show lead to take home with me!!!!

Well, the weekend ended out on a very positive note, Saturday they did 2 shows back to back, followed by 1 show Sunday. So between the 3 days of showing, 4 shows all together, Amber got Best of Winners on Friday, Best of Breed went to my friend's CH male, Saturday Show 1, Best of Winners went to a beautiful little blenheim baby girl and BOB went to the same CH male. My CH male IG took BOB again, and got a group 3. Show 2, the judge really liked my Amber, and we got BOW again, BOB, and since I had also gotten BOB on one of my CH IGs, I had a friend take her in for group, and she walked away with Group 4, and I got another Group 1 on my Ch male IG (a different one then took the Group 1 on Friday). Yesterday we didn't do anything spectacular - Amber took her class again (she's taken her class every show so far!), but the BOW went to the same blenheim puppy that won her Show 1 Saturday - So all in all, we got a good start towards her CH, and I got some amazing wins on my IGs! I can't wait for the next show! Amber really enjoyed herself, and now I feel confident enough to try entering her in an AKC show and see what happens. I really don't care if I win or loose, I groom my dog the best I can, train them the best I can, show them to the best of my ability, and if I win that's icing on the cake!!!!

Daisy's Mom
19th February 2008, 04:58 PM
Wow! You really did have a great weekend! Congratulations! It sounds like great fun when things go that well.

19th February 2008, 07:15 PM
Even when they don't - It's alot of fun! That's why I always go back, honestly, the ribbons and the prizes and the titles mean nothing at the end of the day!! The time I get to spend with my dogs is something I'll always get to cherish - And doing activities like this allow us to strengthen our bonds! That's really what it's all about to me!!!

21st February 2008, 02:52 PM
Hi Amber's mommy! I enjoyed reading about your experiences at the shows and how much Amber liked going. I have been to several small shows and twice to the Long Beach California Eukanuba nationals, (as an observer) and all the dogs/well over 150 breeds, seem so well behaved and HAPPY! After talking to some of the breeders, I found that many of them also cross train for therapy work at nursing homes and hospitals.

Show dogs often make fantastic therapy dogs because they are exposed to every type of person, noise, other dogs, lighting, etc, and have to remain calm and self assured and show no signs of agression whatsoever, even when the judges are inspecting their private areas!! :yikes

The main thing is, you and your fur crew are spending more time together and it's fun to meet other doggie people and get out of the house too!