View Full Version : my little baby is a ferocious beast !

16th February 2008, 08:51 PM
Hi im a part time delivery driver and sometimes i take Alex with me in the van.Yesterday i had a delivery to a company not so far from where i live,i pulled in to the yard to find the company next door has 2 doberman dogs,fully grown.absolutely gorgeous dogs,he uses them as security as he has a limousine rental company.However i got out to collect my parcels and i left the window half open for Alex,enough for him to pop his head up to look out and he spots the other dogs.:mad::mad::mad:

Well ,if you didnt see the antics of Alex! he started barking and barking
like he was the bravest dog in the universe,the dobermen were barking at him as if they thought he was a real threat! he is 6 mths old and never barks .we all had a good laugh cos the size of Alex compared to the other dogs and the little monkey was behind closed windows:):)when we are out walking with him and he sees another dog he does investigate but with his tail between his legs and he wouldnt bark or growl he seems nervous yet when he sees other dogs and hes in my arms for eg. he goes mad:confused: is he being protective or jealous? :confused::confused:

Elaine 2
16th February 2008, 09:24 PM
How funny would that have looked little Alex seeing the big boys off, he must have thought he was protecting you bless him

16th February 2008, 09:53 PM
:luv::luv:Hi thats what hes like "she's my mum so dont even go there " isn it great that they love you so much and feel the need to protect you and become part of the family yet i dont want Alex to become too possesive yet i cant help making him feel that he is our baby and we spoil him like mad! but sure how can we not he is just adorable so cute and has the most s
addest eyes he is my little poody


19th February 2008, 11:03 AM
Its more likely a fear response or a protection response.
I think I would enrol in some classes to build his confidence around other dogs more and further socialise him. I have two like this and due to my tardy training and socialisation they can't really go anywhere in public without a full commotion. Its much easier to get on top off if you start while he is young and if he is displaying the behaviour now you can almost bet he will get worse as he gets older. It also means he is stressed out either way so for a more enjoyable time for him I would act now. :)