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25th February 2008, 11:43 PM
Hi there, I have just joined the forum so bare with me. At the moment we are searching for a pup. Can anyone from Ireland point me in the direction of a breeder who may have some pups? Not sure if you can post breeders names but perhaps you could PM it to me? Any info would really help as I am having a bit of a hard time with it. Many thanks, Nicola P.S. your dogs are all gorgeous. I have spent all evening looking at pictures and reading all your posts

26th February 2008, 10:04 AM
Hi Nicola: People are welcome to send a private PM or email but as you guessed I don;t allow public postings of names.

I have a guide to finding puppies in Ireland here: www.ckcsrescue.com

Unfortunately you need to be extremely cautious with Irish (or any) breeders. As with most purebreds, there are some serious health issues in this breed but many of them can be tested for in breeding stock -- but sadly, very few Irish breeders do even the minimum of basic testing. For example almost none get cardiac clearances on their breeding dogs (NOT vet checked hearts! This is NOT adequate for breeding purposes) nor do they follow the MVD protocol -- adn this is whay half of all cavaliers will have heart murmurs by age 5 (I personally believe the rate is actually higher in Ireland due to the total lack of support for the heart protocol within the parent club here, failure to organise club-sponsored low cost cardiac testing -- the norm in most global clubs, etc :mad:). Also almost none MRI their dogs for syringomyelia or ever hip score their dogs or have proper eye testing done.

You need to grill prospective breeders on these issues and ask to see the actual certificates. Any reputable breeder will be very happy to have a buyer who actually cares about these issues.

You may want to consider looking for a reputable health focused breeder in the UK as well. At least heart testing is more the norm amongst breeders there and this is th single most likely cause of health issues and an early demise in any cavalier so healthy heart lines are absolutely essential.