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29th February 2008, 03:45 PM
Donnie was quick enough to house train...except..he still goes for one wee during the night (maybe 5 out of 7 nights in a week). He is usually in bed for 8 hours & goes before bedtime. During day he usually holds it whilst I am at work. I have continued to reward him when he goes outside so to reinforce toilet training. I have to keep the training pads on the floor. I took them up a couple of times and he just weed on the floor instead. So it's just that once during night. Anything you can recommend to try break the habit I would appreciate it. He is 14months, is it his age?

Also can people tell me how they keep their cavs ears so neat. I brush them a lot and get all the tangles out but they still look wild :)

29th February 2008, 04:11 PM
Suki is also 14 months old she only stopped waking me for a wee in the night a few weeks ago, occasionally she will still go if i get up with Ralph who is not yet 5 months old.

Do you use a crate?? if not it might be worth crate training as dogs will usually leave their crate to wee so if he settles he may wait until you come and get him in the morning

Do you know roughly what time he is weeing in the night? - maybe you could try and beat him to it so you can let him out and then go back to bed,

What time is his last meal? - i try not to feed mine too late otherwise they will definately be up in the night, usually i give them their last meal before 7pm

Good Luck it'll all work out in the end

1st March 2008, 04:26 PM
Thanks Niki, if I think back he used to wake me a lot more so there is improvement. Last night he woke me at 4:30am but he had already gone by time I got downstairs. Most days I think it's ~7am. His last meal is 6pm but he does drink a lot of water. It could be a lot worse, one time on a training pad isn't hard to put up with. I'll see how he does and then will consider a crate. I saw one today that is quite small and wont take over the whole kitchen :) Thanks again. Marie.