View Full Version : Hello All! Looking for Advice on Cavs!

1st March 2008, 07:21 PM
Hello All,

We are a couple looking to bring a beautiful Cavalier puppy into our home. We had been having a hard time deciding between a Papillon and a Cavalier until we met a Cavalier last week, and fell in love instantly.

So, as of yet we are looking to find a reputable breeder through the CKCSC USA. If anyone lives in Illinois or Connecticut and wouldn’t mind sending a PM with a personal experience from one of the breeders around there that would be great.

This website is fabulous, and we spend a lot of time being jealous of all the cute CKCS and their owners!

We will be first time Cav owners so any tips or advice you wish you would have known when you got your first dog would also be appreciated. This is a great forum and we are excited to post our own puppy pics cavtiny!