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3rd March 2008, 09:06 AM
I showed my rubygirl on march1 and it went quite well :)
This is was judge Diane Anderson,USA had to say about my baby:

http://www.hvuttar.net/bordar/image001.gif 1. einkunn gæðadómur/ sætaröðun Exellent
http://www.hvuttar.net/bordar/image004.gif 4. einkunn gæðadómur/sætaröðun

Exellent ruby,good colour
Exellent pigmentation.
Level topline.Mature body for age.
Well laid back shoulders.
Typical expression.Good reach and drive.
Quite close behind.
She did so well,wagged her tail all the time and just had a ball :) I was a little concerned showing her since she is in her mid season but maybe that was just a bonus for her,she was so vibrant:)