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4th March 2008, 10:31 PM
I am always curious as to how/why dogs have come to have their names. How did you decide which name you would use and why? Just a bit of light banter but I am always reading with interest the names of all the doggies:)

4th March 2008, 11:36 PM
The breeder chose her actual name of course, but my son called her Daisy even before we'd brought her home because the singer/actress Jessica simpson had a dog called Daisy!

5th March 2008, 12:35 AM
We had been on a wait list for over 13 months, so I had about 25 names written down that I would call out, over and over. If the name started getting annoying, I crossed it off the list. Well, when we finally got a call that there was a 6 month female blenheim available we got so excited. She already had a name picked out by the breeder, of "Dottie Darling." I didn't know if I really cared for the name but my husband loved it , and I didn't have the heart to change it over, though our breeder said that since she was letting her go to a pet home, we could change it.

My concern was that everytime she did something wrong, she would be "Naughty Dottie" icon_devil, or I would be saying "Dottie go Pottie":rolleyes: or "Dottie has a spottie" :-p etc, etc....you get the picture. Now that we have her, I can't imagine her being called by any other name! I just think you have to find some names you like and see if they fit the look and personality of your precious pup! :luv:

5th March 2008, 12:40 AM
Drove through Madisonville picking up our first girl -- Madison she became

We wanted their names to both start with the same letter -- so our second one became Molly.

5th March 2008, 03:02 AM
I've always like the name Maverick... and it seems to fit him. I had a cat that ran around for 3 months with no name till we heard a diesal engien go past adn I didn't know it the the truck of the cat purring. (turns out a cat's pur and an ideling diesal go at the same rate.)

5th March 2008, 05:21 AM
I go through baby names books with my critters. For Mika, we started looking at Irish/British names to go with the breed, but none seemed right. Then we went to Ukranian names, since we are Ukranian and picked a couple of those. Then we went to Japanese names, since I knew there were lots I liked there when we were picking a name for our Akita (she became Suki - which I think meant love).

Mika is Japanese for "New Moon". Not a very meaningful name, but we like the sound of it and she was born on a new moon and we got her on a new moon, so it fit.

We had a couple of pics from the breeders and compared the different names we liked to the pictures and Mika seemed the best. Now that we have her, it suits her perfectly.

Bogie was named the day my cousin had a really bad golf game (he actually suggested we name her "Triple Bogie".

Jackson came along soon after Bogie. Bogie was grey, Jackson was black, so the two of them became "Bo Jackson" who wore black and silver with the 49ers for those who know football.

5th March 2008, 02:52 PM
Cody was named after the manager of the Kilkenny hurling team, my OH is a Kilkenny man. Abigail was original called Ruby so it was an easy change to Abby. When we decided to adopt our terrier boy he was called Roxy but we just wanted a nice, normal boys name, so now he's Gavin.

5th March 2008, 03:14 PM
Elja my first is named Electra in her pedigreebook but i thought it was a bit too harsh a name ....so i sort of shortend it and came up with Elja.
Silva was named Dalla with means bowl but it is also an Icelandic girl name.She was the fat one in the litter and she spent her waking hours in the feeding bowl.I never liked that named,eventhough it fitted her VERY WELL ,haha.
Silva is a very rare name.We have a niece who is propably the only one in Iceland with that name.I love the sound of it and it comes from the word Silfur meaning silver.

Barbara Nixon
5th March 2008, 03:37 PM
Monty was named after a beautiful springer that my parents owned during my early years.

I decided that a dogs name should end in an 'ee' sound and not sound to like the others, in the household, so each late dog had to have a different second letter (Vowel) sound and the two next letters different also, so it was a matter of going through combinations until I reached something that appealed.

With the second cavalier I arrived at Dizzy, but chose Izzy. Monty being short for Montgomery, Izzy was short for Isambard (Kingdom Brunel). It caused a lot of confusion , as Izzy was a pretty boy , so people assumed he was a girl. One day had me in hysterics, because a person wanting my son to do a pc repair, left a message, saying that Izzy was calling. At the time, my Izzy was sitting watching me and i just couldn't stop laughing. The customer/friend was Asian and was called Izzy short for his Islamic name.

Joly, after the same process was after Jolyon, in the Forsyte Saga .

Teddy needed a name short for something aristocratic, but he stared at me from a photo with his litter mates and the name Teddy , short for Edward, came into my head, so he picked his own name. Oddly, just as i decided, someone, on a forum pm'd me and suggested exactly the same, after seeing the photo.

Brian M
5th March 2008, 04:09 PM
We started off with Poppy just because we liked it ,then along came Daisy ,as Dawn new a nice lady who lived by Luke's junior school and she had a very small cavalier called Daisy and lastly to continue the theme of "The Flower Girls" along came our Rosie.

When i went to collect Daisy from her breeder she told me that apart from the kennel name of Loranka was there any suffix that i fancied adding ,so having a wife with the name Dawn and also remembering that there was a race horse many years ago that i occasionally lost money on and its name was Dawns Delight , so Daisy's official Kennel Club name became "Loranka's Dawns Delight".:rah:

5th March 2008, 04:52 PM
Whilst in rescue Holly was named 'Kalin' which is welsh for Holly as she was found shivering under a Holly bush at Christmas when she was found.
Hence her name Holly! :)

5th March 2008, 04:57 PM
Our firstborn:
Jazz--because we love that genre of music and it fits him so well:cool:

Our 2 rescues:
Shiloh--in Hebrew means "Peaceful One" and that he definitely is and it's what I wish for him from now on

Remy--after Remy Martin Cognac (he's a ruby), but, upon further research I found, although it's primarily French, in Nigeria it means "God has dried my tears". (Remy came from a terrible mill.) That clinched it for me.

5th March 2008, 05:36 PM
To do this I have to start with the two corgis.

Zack is named after former Miami Dolphons Defensive Lineman, Zach Thomas.

When his sister joined us I looked for a name that started with Z that connected to at least one of Miami's Sports Teams, so Zoey for Miami Heat Center Alonzo Mourning seemed the perfect choice.

Then when I adopted Zena (who had never even had a name in her first 2 and a half years of life) I looked again for a Z name. Well I felt bad for the neglect she had endured prior joining my family that I promised to make her a princess in my home. So naturally the name Zena, the Cavalier Princess came to mind.

And finally when Ziggy was born, I had to stick with the Z name thing and it seemed just natural that Ziggy Wiggy was perfect for a tiny baby cavalier. Now that he's big, the Wiggy has been dropped and he's just Ziggy.

Now for their real names:
Bluegrass Beachcomber Zach - he was born in Kentucky, raised in Florida, a replacement horse for Sandcastle and as close to being a football player and I will ever produce.

Mornin' Time Alonza - pretty obvious I think once you know that she's named aftre Alonzo Mourning.

Tomney Crystal Show - don't look at me - her breeder finally did that for (or to) her

Tomney Masked Avenger - look at the Zigster's face! His mask is so CUTE, I had to include it in his name.

5th March 2008, 06:02 PM
difinetly we didnt want any human names for any of our dogs !

our 1st dog was called tarmac because thats what his breeder called him and we thought it was so unusual. We nicknamed him Macy for short, and Shirl also liked to call him Monkey - because of the way his tail grew- which stuck for the rest of his life.

our 2nd was guinness because hes black/white and hubbys fav drink
but we nearly named him humbug ! glad we didn't.
As he has matured he has earned the status of 'Mr G'

next came our ruby - I liked the name of the little fellow in the film 'Willow'.
Will for short - 'trouble' on many occasions too!!!!
And Willow does fit quite well - as he is skinny and leggy.

and finally (for now anyway) is Bailey - as in the drink (alcohol again! eh Shirl!:sl*p:) - Pernod was also a possibility.
It gets lengthened to 'Bailey Boo' as the nickname of 'Boo' is used quite a lot. Frightened of his shadow - that one.

but Shirl has one in the pipeline. Has to be a black and tan - and probably 'Murphy' as in the stout!


5th March 2008, 06:10 PM
I love reading these posts - its so interesting thanks:)

Scouty girl
5th March 2008, 07:18 PM
My Newf, Breeze, was named after a girl on the Montel Williams show. I just thought it was an interesting and different name. I thought it was really original until one day my neighbor was walking her Cairn Terrier puppy. I ask what it's name was, guess what she said? Breeze, I almost died right there in the street. I said, that's my dogs name, she said, it is? She knew her name. :mad: Just didn't want to admit she stole it from me.

Anyway, Scout was named after the little girl in the book, "To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. I thought that was also a cool name. Breeze was almost Scout, but I changed it at the last minute. Don't tell Scout!!!

5th March 2008, 07:28 PM
I named my first dog Sophie and the kids hated that. So when I was waiting for my puppy, I decided the only way I was going to please them was to take a musical route. I started naming male artists and Bob Dylan came up. So Dylan was named after Bob Dylan.

Now though, being named after a singer isn't sophisticated enough for my son, who claims that as Bob Dylan was named after Dylan Thomas, so is our Dylan!! :rolleyes:

5th March 2008, 11:29 PM
I decided to name Lucky "Lucky" because I got him the first week of a new job, and I figured he'd be my little "good luck" charm. It was actually just one of those "aha!" kinda things ... while I wanted to see if his personality confirmed it, I felt 99.999% confident that that would be (and should be) his name. And if you'd have asked me a month or so before I got Lucky if I'd have named my dog Lucky, I'd have said "no way!" for sure ... too much of a "dog" name!!!

Well, this does have a story behind it, because besides the new job, when I took Lucky out to go to the bathroom on our way home from getting him, I sat him right in a field of 4 and five leaf clovers. I picked 45 of them and printed up little cards with his picture on them for my friends and laminated a clover on the back for each of them!!!

Here's a scan of his picture with a few of his clovers:


Once I sat him in the field of 4 leaf clovers, I knew for sure that he was DESTINED to be named Lucky. :flwr:

5th March 2008, 11:57 PM
It's fun reading this thread!

Oliver was named after a Springer my aunt and uncle had when I was a kid that was called Henry Oliver!

Rosalita was already named by her breeder when I got her--- but it sure does suit her!

Daisy's Mom
6th March 2008, 02:04 AM
We wanted a British-sounding name (at least British-sounding to me, which may or may not be accurate) because of Cavaliers coming from British royalty. At about the time we arranged to adopt Daisy, there was a silly show on TV here called "Daisy Does America." It was a British woman who visited America and made wry observations on American culture. I thought it was hilarious and I thought the woman was very likable, so "Daisy" it was.

I had no idea at the time how many dogs were named Daisy. Our vet even has a dog that he brings in to the office every day named Daisy. It seems like everyone either has or knows someone who had a dog named Daisy at one time. That's OK. Lots of people who get to know our Daisy have made the comment that Daisy is the only name in the world that would fit her! I don't know why, but I agree!

Cathy T
6th March 2008, 03:17 AM
I love reading these!!

Bought books and wrote names on a piece of paper on the fridge for two months. Saw him and just knew.....he was a Jake!! Not a very original name :) but it fits him to a tee!!

Shelby was easy. She's named for the Julia Roberts character in Steel Magnolias....my favorite movie and my family is from the South. Dare you to try to say "Shelby" without a southern accent!!:)

6th March 2008, 07:08 AM
I too have heard a lot of Daisy's - in fact my best friends dog is Daisy. To me its a lovely name and it was interesting someone posted they did not like human names and I am the opposite I like human names. I did not name any of my dogs they were all named for me but I found it difficult to get used to Pebbles! But I have now and she actuallu does look like a Pebble!:)

6th March 2008, 07:36 AM
Well our "Ashton" is named after Bristol City's football ground:rolleyes: (husbands choice!) But it really suits him as it sounds rather posh and he is very posh!

Our "Rio" was a shortened version of his mothers name who is "Rioja" and he really suits his name too!:)

Cleo's Person
6th March 2008, 12:43 PM
What a fun thread!

Ok before we got Cleo we had a long think about what we would call a dog. We decided on Herbie for a boy after Herbert Asquith, a former British Prime Minister who Mark thinks was great, or Cleo after Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile as we both love Roman history and wanted a regal sounding name. Cleo suits her perfectly and she has turned into a right princess!! :luv:

6th March 2008, 02:26 PM
Suki was a name i kept in my head for a long time before i got a dog - i think it came from the song 'polly put the kettle on' - it was nice to read on someone else's reply that it may also mean 'Love'

Ralphie was nearly a Barney but it just didn't suit him, also i thought that the name Ralph went well with Suki and the rest is history.

Our cats were supposed to be boys until a trip to the vet put us straight they were originally Bart after Bart Simpson and Felix but after their gender was determined they became Bart-Bart and Fifi

6th March 2008, 02:42 PM
'Beauregard' was Jean's idea... it seemed like an awfully 'big' name since he was soooo tiny when we got him. But it seems to fit him now. :p

The breeder was calling Elvis Elvis because of his cowlick... and it was goofy enough that we kept it. Also easy to distinguish which one we're yelling at. ;)

We named the Saints Marshal Dillon and Miss Kitty. I thought that was kinda cute. At least for him. It probably scarred Missy for life. :D

6th March 2008, 06:45 PM
Good thread, well we had alot of time like everyone else to be thinking names. We had pick of the litter, so we didn't know boy or girl. The litter was due on July 4th, so we immediately started thinking along those lines.

I still like the original name some days, but the kids wanted to change it before we picked her up from the breeder. I bought a lot of thought into her original name, but eventually I was the only one left liking it the best. For 3 days, the new little girl didn't have a name. Hubby kept calling her biscuits and still does!

Finally, we went with Liberty Belle. Belle, from my favorite Disney movie of Beauty and the Beast and she just loved ringing the bell to go outside. Her call name is Libby and that is what the kids call her.

6th March 2008, 06:46 PM
Samwise is obvious: named after the faithful hobbit friend (who also had red hair) in my favourite book and movie, Lord of the Rings. It took me ages to decide on it though, because I knew I'd end up shortening it to Sammy, which seemed too human.

Now he is absolutely a Sammy and I can't imagine how any other name would suit. It's certainly more him than 'Michael', which was what the breeder named him :-p

6th March 2008, 07:56 PM
Buddy, our Cavalier, was named by my brother Michael. Regardless of their name or sex, he has called every dog we have ever had as a family "Buddy" or "Little Buddy" rather than their actual name. When he got to pick out his own little dog, I told him he could name the dog "Buddy" but only if he promised to stop calling Hadley "Buddy" and call her "Hadley." He ageed and Buddy is "Buddy" or "Bud-Bud" and "Hadley" is "Miss Hadley."
Hadley, our Clumber's name, is just a name I liked and is the named after the road on which her breeder lived, the first wife of Ernest Hemingway or a pottery, depending on to whom I am telling the story!

6th March 2008, 08:07 PM
I just love reading these. Its so interesting what you all say and the thinking and thoughts behind the names:)

6th March 2008, 08:35 PM
After our MS died, I started thinking of names so I made a list. When we got Tracer, I showed my husband the list. One of the DJ's on the radio is Tracy but they called her Trace. I thought that was a great name so added it to my list while on the way to pick out our MS. That is the name hubby picked out! I thought to make to more manly, we'd call him Tracer ;)
We got Armani when he was 6 months old. I still had my list from before and was planning on picking out a different name. Hubby thought that it was bad to rename him since he did answer to it. The breeder named him that because he looked classy - like the Armani suit!
I kept thinking it was a mouthful but gradually got use to it, the older grandkids had a tough time saying it at first too. I was planning on shortning it to Army but when my 2 yr old granddaughter started calling him Mony, we thought that was too cute! So sometimes he's called Mony, when he's not called the devil dog! (He's always looking for trouble!!):eek:

6th March 2008, 10:31 PM
Lovely thread, and wonderful stories behind the names too!

Obviously it would be hugely long thread if I mentioned ALL of my dogs, but I think the best story has to be Logan's! A lot of people seem to think he is named after the old film "Logan's Run", nothing could be further from the truth! :lol:

I had been up all night with my favourite girl Charm who was in labour with her second litter, much huffing and puffing, panting, digging, quick sleep, more panting and digging, I was passing time watching "X-Men" the movie on DVD. About ten past six in the morning, I had yet another "quick look", a mere 2 minutes since the previous one, you can imagine my disbelief to see a beautiful Blenheim puppy happily latched on, cord and afterbirth still attached and Charm with a blissful look on her face! :luv: (They generally Yell when the first pup is born!) the puppy was big (10 ounces!) I picked it up and dealt with the cord, the hairs were standing up on the back of my neck as I turned the pup over to see it was the boy I had so fervently been hoping for! (His Dad threw far more girls than boys, the rest of the litter were all girls)

In the background I could hear the movie still playing, it was at the bit where Wolverine has been asked what kind of a name is that, "The name's Logan" he replies, Wolverine was always my favourite in X-Men so Logan was duly named after him!!

Hope you enjoyed that?? :p :p

6th March 2008, 11:08 PM
Picking names is really hard for me! I always want the "Perfect" name..

With Kaids i love the drawn out AYYYYYD sound, like in lady, but eveyone in the family realy disliked Lady, plus its quite common. So after playing with it for awhile i come up with Kaidie. My other choice was Maggie, i like that for some reason.

I was cleaning my car when we come up with Shami, she was so fat and soft and fluffy, its spelled different from the car cleaning Chamy(oise) I think it sounds sweet.
Mia already had her me, i hated it and could have easily changed it as even tho she was 1 she'd had so little contact she didnt even know it, but it grew on me.

The cat got Max, as i wanted something tough and manly...going to be my prize mouser.
The name that gets the most comments tho is the Mini mare, she's "Suzi Hot Legs". If you seen her little legs going flat out (trot is flat out for her!) you'd understand.
I would love to bring home a ruby or blen boy, so im trying to think up a toughish, classic name..no luck yet!

7th March 2008, 12:20 AM
This is a fun thread.

Our first cavalier was named Gizmo. I think that's a pretty common name for dogs. We named him that because we had heard a story that Steven Spielburg (sp??), when he was trying to get the animators to understand what he wanted as his good gremlin in his movie "Gremlins", he ran and got his cavalier. He held up the dog's ears and said, "I want my character, Gizmo, to look like this."

Gadget, our second, was named Gadget because of Gizmos and Gadgets. (Well, it seemed funny at the time). Toby, our first rescue kept his name when we got him and it was a good name for him--a straightforward name for a straightforward dog.

Sasha was harder. We debated for a long time but then picked this name because it was a little different and because our last name is Alexander and Sasha is a diminuitive for Alexander in Russian.

Wyatt, our most recent rescue, came with his name and we kept it. He had been named by Lucky Star and we liked it.


p.s. For our cats, we had a long haired black cat named Zap. She was named after Frank Zappa. And our siamese cat, Ming, was named after our favorite Chinese restaurant.

7th March 2008, 04:04 PM

Our Cavalier is called Brinkley( after the dog on you got mail it just stuck with me).The breeder called him Lord Busby which i and he didnt like at all.I think he likes Brinkley,he very happy pup anyway:)
I had picked Daisy for a girl............

8th March 2008, 08:40 AM
When we first starting researching the breed we liked the Ruby colouring (actually love them all now!) and the song 'Ruby' was always coming on the radio and became our secret code as we didn't tell our daughters we were getting one until the morning we took them to see her.Then we saw our little girl and fell in love and colours didn't matter so we now have a tri called Ruby! and we love her!

8th March 2008, 01:14 PM
Our Cav was given to us by a friend.
(He was purchased for my friend's daughter, but the wife would have nothing to do with it.....)
Anyway, when he arrived, he already had his name- "Charlie".
I thought he was too special to have just a first name, so he is now known around our house as "Charlie McFarlie".

I've already posted this picture, but it is my favorite

8th March 2008, 02:10 PM
Hello there! I'm new around here, but I wanted to jump into this thread--it's been so interesting.

I met my partner when her Cavs were 5 years old, so I didn't get to help naming them. One was [Breeder name] My Fair Lady, who she called Eliza. At some point it became 'Eliza Jane' and then eventually just Jane. Who knows how that happened. And her little boy's name was Fawkes. That was the name the breeder had given him, and it suited him so well. Unfortunately he passed away in January, but we'll be giving his name as a middle name for our new puppy (when we get him.)

The new puppy will be Thomas. Just because it sounds so gentle and dignified to me. I wanted Magnus but I know that's a tough one to nickname (and I nickname everything *g*) so Thomas it is.

Here's a photo Thomas at 3 weeks. He's the chow hound on the left.



Wrigs Mom
8th March 2008, 03:51 PM
We chose our baby's name the moment we found out it was a boy....Wrigley! My husband loves the Chicago Cubs and they play at... Wrigley Field! Oh, and as a side note, Wrig's best friend down the street is Comiskey, who was named after Comiskey Field (the old name of the place the Chicago White Sox played at)!

8th March 2008, 10:06 PM
we named poppy because her moms name was daisy and my mom loves the name poppy so we named her after a flower like her mom.

treva was called that because my little sister wanted a black dog called treva

alfy was already called alfy and we was going to change it but then decided not to, just change the spelling.

9th March 2008, 02:24 AM
indy is actually indiana jones. in the films, it comes out that indiana's real name is Henry Jones Jr., but he calls himself Indiana after his favorite childhood dog.

9th March 2008, 07:59 AM

Jaspar I spent the longest thinking about, as I knew so far in advance that I was getting him. I wanted an old English name that wasn't too common and liked the old spelling. I spent a few weeks thinking about the right name.

Leo: Jaspar's half-brother and born 5 weeks earlier -- I actually saw him when I went to pick out Jaspar as the breeder brought him in so I could see their size at 8 weeks. Isn't that odd? 10 months later I owned him. His name was Gizmo (the breeder's daughter named him that and it is his kennel name) which I didn't think suited him at all. I wanted a name with a similar sound because at the time I thought it would be easier for a dog to learn -- now I know better! :lol: They learn any new name very fast. Leo suits him perfectly though, and I always liked the name.

Lily was also just a name I liked for a dog. :) She came from the pound, needed a name while I 'rehomed' her. I've never seen a dog try so hard to not be rehomed though -- you could just see her trying so hard to remember to do the right things she was now expected to do. Plus she immediately just adored Leo, and looks after him, and I'll do about anything for Leo. So she stayed.

Lucy was named by my parents; my dad liked the name.


Pippa and Jessie: these two sisters came to me at around 6 months of age; very raggedy little rescue cats. Pippa already had the name and it suited her. Jessie was 'Marmalade' but I liked Jessie for her -- she's always been an impish tomboy.

Ambrose was named for Ambrose Bierce, the wickedly funny 19th century journalist/writer who wrote the Devil's Dictionary.

Quincy was named for Quincy Jones, after I had started naming all my rescue cats that I was rehoming myself for jazz artists. I always give litters jazz names. Quincy came from another rescue person and needed an indoor only home as he only has three legs. I took him immediately as all my cats are indoor cats, even though the LAST thing I needed was another cat! But he is just the best -- what a character. EVERYONE likes Quincy! He just looked like a Quincy. Though he's so big, he maybe should have been Jelly Roll. :lol:

I have a whole bunch of good jazz names saved for future cats...:cool:

9th March 2008, 04:44 PM
We named Merlin after meeting the Merlin that stole Joel's heart enough to let me have a cavalier. Merlin is affectionately known as Mergits or Mr Tops

Whe it came to Oakley, the only other wizard name was Gandalf - and I wasn't about to start shouting that in the woods!..

I liked Bentley and wanted something that was different to the sound of Merlin, Joel wanted something unusual for a dog so we ended up with Oakley - so he is named after designer sunglasses! He is known as oakey pokey or doctor oakley as he likes to make sure everyone's bits are all there!

Had I known what they boys would have tunred out like I would have called them Dastardley and Mutley!

9th March 2008, 05:20 PM
These stories are so interesting and fantastic:)