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7th March 2008, 08:52 AM
do you think i should get in touch with the irish kennel club and explain to them that i cant get in touch with the breeder as he did notgive me his pedigree papers and i had no note of his vaccinations which i have had to get over again poor wee thing he might have already had them but i did not have a record of them tried phoning him but cant get an answer i only know that he is registered with the kennel club and he has been microchipped which i feel he has a least done that for him i sent the registraion away which has now been transfered in my name i just hope that he has been looked after properly before i got him i just thought he has came from a breeder he must be fine but that is not always the case i just feel i should report him someway. the kennel club do have rules which i have read and he seems to me to have broken them.

7th March 2008, 07:27 PM
cant beleive it just received his pedigree today from the breeder and his vaccinations record which have already been done by him .HELP... what will i do sinCe i have got them done again will there be any side effects at getting jags done twice

7th March 2008, 07:31 PM
I would report your problems to the IKC AND to the club secretary. The secretaries are all listed on the website, www.ikc.ie.

If the puppy is chipped they should be able to trace him to the breeder or tell you how to do this.

The problem is you have bought a classic puppy farm puppy I am afraid -- I know you have learned about this now but there is a vile trade in Irish puppy farm puppies to the UK brought over by ferry -- none of these dogs will be from a reputable breeder and I doubt the puppy will have had any basic health care or vaccinations. My own approach would be to start his puppy vax all over and DO NOT TAKE HIM OUT FOR WALKS OR IN PUBLIC TIL THIS IS FULLY COMPLETED (eg two weeks after the FINAL injection).

Given that you have the chip number and name and number for the breeder and if you also have a name and number for the broker who sold him to you I would give these names to the IKC, the breed club sec Evelyn Hurley, and the ISPCA. He has broken rules selling his puppies to brokers but whether anyone can or will do anything remains to be seen.

As for your puppy -- insure him, and immediately restart those puppy vaxes because I seriously doubt they have been done and wouldn't trust whatever the breeder says anyway.

7th March 2008, 07:33 PM
I would not trust what the record says.

Yes there can be risks but the risks are GREATER not to vaccinate you puppy correctly.

You really need to go talk to your vet for medical advice though, please -- none of us are vets and qualified to give you medical information on this particular case.

7th March 2008, 07:55 PM
when i first went to the vet a few weeks back i explained that i did not have a record of his vaccinations and if indeed they had been done she said to try and find out which i did try i did speak to the person i collected the dog from and asked for pedigree etc to be sent out to me but that was a few weeks ago. i took him back to the vet and decided to get them done which she did advive to do anyway as i could not take the chance now this letter has landed on my door step this morning i open it and it is the pedigree and a note of his vaccination but really i dont trust them anyway i think i did the right thing and got them done anyway he got his last one on monday and he has been fine so fingers crossed. i am going to the vet on thursday to see if his ear infection has cleared up so i'll ask them then but i think he will be fine as he has been fine and very active like a puppy should be. i had him at the pet shop today and loved all the attention he was getting although i dont think he liked it much he was just snuggling in to my arm being shy. got him some lovely toys for him to play with i think i'll need to buy a bigger toy box to put them all in to i just cant resist spoiling him.