View Full Version : 15 month peeing in house

11th March 2008, 03:14 PM
We got a new puppy a few weeks ago. He's twelve weeks now and is doing quite good with his house training. He still has accidents if we don't get him out soon enough but he knows when he goes out to the garden that he has to do his business.

The problem is our 15 month girl Bailey. She has been fully house trained for about 7 months now and knows to scratch at the door when she needs out. However since Friday she has had 3 accidents in the house. We don't have any idea why she is doing this. Each time she has done it has been just after we have let her out.

I would be grateful for any suggestions on how to get this problem sorted.

11th March 2008, 03:27 PM
Congratulations on your new puppy! We are looking at getting a second cavalier and this is also my concern as Sally is fully house trained now and I wouldn't want it to affect her. Could Bailey be anxious? Is she getting on with the puppy? Or perhaps there could be a medical problem such as a UTI (urinary tract infection)? It might be worth discussing with your vet. I hope things settled down soon and Bailey is ok.

11th March 2008, 11:28 PM
:xctly:Was going to make same two suggestions. I'd check with the vet first to eliminate a UTI as these can be extremely uncomfortable. Numerous small wees tend to indicate UTIs. A new arrival is almost always going to cause some anxiety with the existing dog and this often manifests itself as house accidents.

12th March 2008, 01:47 PM
It's more like big puddles than small wees lol. To be fair she hasn't had any more accidents since Sunday.

I suppose she could just be anxious because of the new puppy. She was very unsure of him to start with and didn't like to interact with him at all. They interact a lot now but its usually fighting or trying to steal eachothers toys (one always wants what the other has lol). They sometimes sit quietly together and chew an end of a toy each but so far haven't cuddled up together or anything like that. Does this all sound like normal behavior?

The puppy does bites her ears a lot and will not let go causing her to yelp. I know I shouldn't allow him to do this but I don't know how to make him stop.