View Full Version : puppy weight

11th March 2008, 08:38 PM
just wondering what should a healthy 15 week old female cavalier weigh molly is 2.5 kg i am feeding her burns food at the recommeded amount but i think this seems a little light for her any recomendations for other good foods

11th March 2008, 09:08 PM
Hmm what kind of size were her parents?? In all honesty you could have half a dozen differently bred 15 week old pups who would all weigh differently! Having said that she does seem to be on the light side, you might like to try Royal Canin, most puppy feeds are of a higher protein content than adult feeds as puppies grow so fast, if they were humans they would go from a baby to a 7 year old in 9 months!! :eek:

Also how often are you feeding her?? At this age she should be on a minimum of 3 feeds a day, I prefer my puppies to be on the "bonny" side at this age as they are coming up to teething and can often go off their feed so the extra weight will carry them through this stage. HTH??