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Margaret C
14th March 2008, 11:35 PM
Hello to you all, especially those in the UK,

The Royal Veterinary College near Hatfield, Herts, is still looking for SM
affected cavaliers to take part in a trial to produce a licensed
painkiller for dogs with neuropathic pain.

As someone with two mildly affected dogs who are increasingly needing
metacam & rimadyl to control their discomfort, I would like to think
there will be an effective licenced painkiller for them, & the many
other cavaliers that are going to be troubled with SM symptoms in the
years to come. Hence this email.

I know that for many people the distance to travel will be a problem,
but if we do not put ourselves out a little to help the researchers,
and our dogs, then who will?

I live close to the RVC and would gladly help all I can. There is
always a bed for the night, and a chinese take-away, for anyone that
needs it.

The dogs that fit the criteria will get a free neurological
examination at the RVC &, if judged suitable for the trial, they will
then be given a free MRI scan of head, neck, & back to confirm their
symptoms are due to SM & to show to what extent they are affected.
I understand a voucher towards cost of veterinary treatment is also
given as a thank you after the trial.

The dogs need to be between one & ten years with no other health
problems, and although they will accept a dog with a slight murmur,
the cavalier should not be needing any treatment for MVD.

The trial needs forty cavaliers, & as you can imagine many otherwise
suitable cavaliers cannot be included because of a pre-existing heart

If you have a cavalier that may fit the criteria please think about
If you know someone with an affected dog please pass on this

For more details contact Monique Wilkinson at the RVC ( details
below ) or ring me on 01707 262035.

Many thanks, Margaret C


Monique Wilkinson BScVN

Clinical Investigations Nurse

Royal Veterinary College

Tel: 01707 666605

mwilkinson@... (http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/ArnoldChiari_dogs/post?postID=uUXua-tOOlVDgJ_HlyfCoeQUxTEyXvBMSi8E4HDeSDnarhYfP4pwPTMN _svvs8mN1fldD_WyzZb2SCcLBA)

Cathy Moon
15th March 2008, 11:02 PM
Are there enough dogs for the study?

I wonder if the study could have a US component, as I know of 3 cavaliers here in Ohio that could possibly join. My Geordie had a grade 3 murmur though (but doesn't yet require heart meds).

16th March 2008, 01:08 AM
There are still places for dogs. They can't have a separate US component as it is a controlled double blind test at the Vet College in the UK and people need to be able to present at the College. But maybe US researchers would be interested in a similar trial for other medications or an expansion of this trial?

Cathy Moon
16th March 2008, 01:24 AM
Good idea, Karlin. I will email the new neurologist at Ohio State University and ask her. :thmbsup: