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15th March 2008, 07:19 PM
i am currently feeding molly burns mini bites and she is not gaining weight has gainied anything in three weeks also she is very runny i am thinking of making a change maybe science diet natures best recommended by my vet has anybody used it or royal canin cavalier food does she need puppy food at this stage i am totally confused and everybody has a different opinion and science diet seems to have good and bad reviews online advice needed :confused:

15th March 2008, 07:44 PM
How long has the runny stools been going on? If more than a day or so I would be taking her to the vets as she may have a bug which would be stopping her gaining weight, deal with the runny stools first then decide what food to feed her. As a rule our vets always advise to feed animals boiled chicken and rice for 24-48 hours if they have runny stools (stop their existing food) and then gradually re-introduce normal food again.

I have heard (not from personal experience) that Burns food does keep dogs on the slim side. I have used Science Plan and think it isn't a very good food for the money! I have also tried Purina Pro-Plan and personally I find it to be a very good food.;)

15th March 2008, 08:34 PM
I gave Gus Burns when he was younger as I know it is a very good food...but it did not agree with Gus at all.I would advise getting your puppy checked out by your vet first and then decide on food. You could ask the advice of your vet regarding food also.

15th March 2008, 08:40 PM
How old is your baby?? As others have already said loose stools for more than 24 hours is a reason to visit the vet, they dehydrate so incredibly fast (NOT wanting to scare you!)

I have never fed Burns feed so cannot speak from personnal experience there, BUT, I have used Royal Canin for a VERY long time, you should be using their Mini range as the various ranges are very much size specific, and if your baby is under 10 Months old should be feeding Mini Junior.

As for loose stools, starve her for 24 hours and give 5mls of Kaolin and Morphine (available from most chemists) every 4-6 hours, then gradually re-introduce solids in the form of rice and chicken and gradually re-introduce your complete feed over a week, DO NOT give dairy foods, particularly scrambled eggs as this will only irritate the stomach further!!

Hope this Helps!!

P.S Most vets are paid commission by various feed manufacturers, Hills Science Diet is NOT a feed I personnally would recommend, my dogs never did that well on it in all honesty, RC is by far a better option in my very humble opinion!!

16th March 2008, 09:47 PM
Puppies don't generally need puppy food -- most breeders I have met or come across on various lists and forums don't recommend it but probably doesn't do much harm. I never fed it at any rate.