View Full Version : Specially trained Cavaliers

17th March 2008, 01:53 AM
Barkleigh has his CGC and is so easy to train and listens fantastically. He loves everyone. So we'll go for our therapy test when I get the time. I do a lot of volunteer work with abused and neglected kids and think he'd be an asset on visits.

But I've heard of folks with interesting dogs who alert for epilepsy, diabetes, cancer, etc. Anyone know of Cavs with this sort of training. I have a form of migraine in the epilepsy family and I swear Barkleigh knows when I am in pain. He licks my head and is so sensitive.
Like many people here, he is very quiet and gentle around anyone who is ill.

Just wondering...

Babette Boop
17th March 2008, 10:23 AM
Well babs doesnt have a certification or anything. I have some recurring issues because of a head trauma and sometimes I have awful pain and just cant do anything and almost everytime she is there and twice she has gone to where the pain is! I think dogs are so much more intelligent than they are given credit for.