View Full Version : anyone know anything about a child grunting?

18th March 2008, 11:05 AM
i dont use any other chat sights. so i said id throw out a question to the ordinary nice people on this site!!!! do any of you know anything about a child that keeps on trying to clear her throat...as in grunting and trying to clear her throat?? we have tried accupuncture first for weeks on end then the doctor of course. she has had two lots of antibiotics and has now gone back the same way again???? has anyone had this with their child im wondering. i have looked it up on the net and it seems to be common enough, some say it might be the early signs of asthma. but it seems to me more like a little nasal drip or something. my next move is to go to the e.n.t specialist but i said id ask just before we have to go through that. we have tried honey, fish oil tablets. cough bottle. nose drops. she has it now approx 2 months.
as i speak i can hear her in the sitting room trying to clear her throat. its very hard on her and im sure it will make her throat sore.:confused:

18th March 2008, 07:39 PM
Hi its a real worry when the kids are sick especially when you dont know whats up.My eldest daughter has asthma she has it since she was a baby shes now 10,but I never heard her trying to clear her throat or anything like that.With asthma its the constant coughing,wheezing etc.Maybe she might have an allergy of some sort causing her to have a runny nose and its dripping down the back of her throat or it could be her adenoids,she might need them removed.Im not a nurse but with 3 kids you do get experience with illnesses over the years.I hope she's ok and its nothing too much to worry about :xfngr:

18th March 2008, 08:55 PM
One of the first questions that might be asked is how old is the child? From what you are saying it does sound like some sort of drainage issue. In the u.s. I would tell someone to try some claritin or other antihistamine depending on the age. Trying that for a few days or week would let you know if it makes a difference. Also remember that antihistamines can cause drowsiness, so maybe talk to a pharmacist or such to see if you can get assistance. Good luck I know with kids sick it seems so hard to be able to even focus on things.

18th March 2008, 09:08 PM
thanks for the replies, my child is 5 going on 6 in june. i tried today giving her opticrom nasal drops for children but it isnt any better. i suppose ill have to go to the specialist. as you all know we are all afraid of our lives of things that can go wrong with our children. i just didnt want to have to face the hospital but im sure its nothing to worry about. thanks for being so kind and replying. any more suggestions i will be glad of any.
my husband and i live from day to day thankful for what we have. the main thing we all want is our health and everything else comes second. we hope nothing will burst our little happy bubble with our two children and our cav. We dont slap our children. id leave an odd shout at them if they were messing, as in about to hurt each other, wrestling on the trampoline for example which im sure you all have witnessed at some stage but mostly we have a relaxed life thank god and this week and next week with the children off school we dont normally get dressed until approx one o clock. it was lovely today to see the children and the cousins out the back with ruby our cav. she hasnt had much chance to do all the play thing yet as we got her 2days before christmas and she has been in alot with the cold etc. anyway sorry for raving on. ....ill go now:eek:

18th March 2008, 09:31 PM
Trip to the Dr. seems the ticket so you don't end up giving medication for something she doesn't have and not for what she does have. Good luck with your visit and :xfngr: you'll get everything handled.

19th March 2008, 12:49 AM
A visit to the specialist seems like the logical thing to do. Good luck... I hope it turns out to be nothing serious.

My husband is always clearing his throat, & he's not even aware he's doing it. It's been going on for years. I seem to think it's just some sort of habit, as there's nothing medically wrong.

I hope that's the case w/ your child. :)