View Full Version : Guinness gets THE BIGGEST HUG EVER for being naughty!

19th March 2008, 09:19 PM

Trying to catch our breath's. (and so was he!)

Guinness (our nearly 12er tri) can be a bit lazy. Particularly for not chewing enough.

I had put their food down - at around 6pm this evening. Normally I hang around to make sure everyone behaves. Shirl had gone upstairs to get some stuff ready.
I think that I was in the kitchen - though now it seems a bit of a blur.

Guinness takes a piece of meat and walks away from his plate - bit unusual for him - until his plate is clean.

Then he collapsed. :eek:

On his side and all limp. Presume that he was choking.
I gave him some hard slaps on his back - and called for Shirl.
She came quickly, while I tried to see what was in his mouth - but that was clamped shut.
She gave him the heinrich (or however you spell it) - and we seemed to pull him back. No real gasp for air, and no sign of the meat.

Bad dog for wolfing it down.:mad:

But thank god he's still here!!!


I'll be making sure he gets smaller chunks in future.:rolleyes:

Cathy T
19th March 2008, 10:20 PM
Gosh how scary!! Quick acting on your part sounds like it saved the day. Big hugs!!

19th March 2008, 10:22 PM
OMG!!! How scary!! Thank Goodness you acted quickly!!

Guiness you sure know how to scare your Momma & Poppa don't you eh?? :hug: :hug:

19th March 2008, 10:29 PM
Wow thank goodness you saw him. Keep an eye on him for a while. What has me wondering, is that if food was lodged over the airway then the heimlich manoeuvre should see the foriegn body being expelled from the mouth, not swallowed.

It could very well be as you say that he was choking, but just keep in the back of your mind that sometimes the obvious is not necessarily what actually happened.

I do hope that is the end to it anyway, :)

19th March 2008, 10:34 PM
I know what you mean.

He is our heart patient, one thought was that he was having a heart attack and our actions helped.