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21st March 2008, 01:17 PM
We are relocating back to the UK and we have decided after lots of discussion to get our boys neutured as we realise that being entire they will be at risk of being stolen for breeding and we are keen to make them "worthless" to these people. Ashton is 13 months so I feel comfortable that it won't effect his growth etc but Rio is only 5 months so we would be getting him done at 6 months and I don't know if I feel comfortable with that...what are your opinions should we risk it and leave him entire until he is a year?:confused:

21st March 2008, 01:53 PM
There are two recent very long threads on the general issue so have look t those. They really discuss all the issues that people might not want to repeat again when they already contributed to a discussion on the area in the past week.

Most vets neuter at 6 months as standard. If you decide to wait til 12 months then be aware you can have set behaviours that will not be helped by neutering. If you feel you don't mind waiting, and don't mind that risk and neutering isn't primarily to stop indoor marking, humping etc, and you feel you can strictly control where he goes and keep him on a lead, then wait. :thmbsup:

PS If you search on neutering as a topic, you will get literanlly dozens of threads with opinions on all aspects of the issue stretching over three years.

Barbara Nixon
21st March 2008, 02:02 PM
Unless you are going to let your dogs run free or leave them outside while away from home, there is very little chnce that they will be stolen, especially as there are two, because they will probably bark at anyone approaching your premises.

Which part of the UK will you move to ?

21st March 2008, 02:31 PM
Barbara, I disagree; dogs are so very easily stolen! We had several cavaliers taken in the leadup to Christmas over here. All you need is a handful of meat and most dogs will not utter a peep. It is one of the fastest growing areas of crime in the UK according to some recent reports. Purebreds that are small and grabable, top of the list. Mostly taken from gardens while people are home and not watching them directly. My dogs might never bark except at someone ringing the doorbell.

21st March 2008, 02:40 PM
(UK) Dog theft on the rise

article listed on 27 May 2007
Dog thefts in London rose by 74 per cent last year – and more than half the dogs stolen were Staffordshire bull terriers.

Nearly 35 Staffies were taken each month, many of them as puppies, according to a Metropolitan Police report released.

It suggested the breed was being targeted by thieves, who use them to guard 'criminal assets'. From Dog's Trust:

Sadly, all too often these days we hear of pedigree and crossbreed dogs being stolen; for breeding, for hunting, for selling on to unsuspecting members of the public, held for ransom and worst of all, for use by dog fighting rings. Dogs may be taken from the roadside, from gardens, locked kennels, parked cars, outside shops or when exercising.

Groups specialising in helping to trace lost and stolen dogs, estimate that many thousands of dogs may be stolen in the UK every year. However, as the law stands we may never know the true figure, since dogs are usually logged merely as stolen or missing property and so accurate statistics are not kept by the police or Home Office.

It can be very difficult to get your dog back if he or she is stolen, so prevention is definitely better than cure, but what steps can you take to help ensure your dog’s safety?

Have your dog microchipped. Dogs Trust offers reduced price microchipping, please contact us for more information. Alternatively (or additionally), get your dog ear-tattooed. Remember to keep your microchip details up to date if you should change address. You can do this free online at www.petlog.org.uk (http://www.petlog.org.uk) or by post for a small charge.

Make sure your dog has a collar and tag with your name and address on it. This is a legal requirement anyway. Also include contact telephone numbers. You could also use a tag from a tracking company, such as Petsafe. If your dog has been neutered (which may put off certain types of thieves – especially if your dog is a pure-breed or pedigree) have a tag made which states this. You may also want to state if your dog is microchipped.:thmbsup:

PS I have tags for all the dogs that clearly state they are neutered and chipped. :)

21st March 2008, 02:47 PM
are there more thefts in the uk then to where you live now ?

I think it may depend on where your relocating to and a theft being more likely to be dog to order rather than a stud dog ...so a spay will not stop any dog from being stolen or lesser the risk

Barbara Nixon
21st March 2008, 03:26 PM
A single one of mine, except for Teddy , doesn't bark at passers by, but if there is more than one, they go mad.

21st March 2008, 10:24 PM
Only Rio barks at people and I have no doubt they would happily go for treats:rolleyes:

We live in Guernsey in the Channel Islands and in the 5 years we have lived here it has never happened and I am sure if I asked around they would say it hasn't happened over here. Not sure where we will be moving to yet. :)

21st March 2008, 10:39 PM
Do the Channel Islands not already count as part of the UK? Or are you using the term meaning 'the mainland' in the way that some people from NI do?

Tho' I do know that the CI are in a funny position with strong French links as well...

22nd March 2008, 08:25 AM
Yes the mainland UK;)
Although we are part of the UK it is very very different way of life out here!:)

Barbara Nixon
22nd March 2008, 10:55 AM
Oh, we could have moved to Jersey, many years ago, when my husband was offered a job there, but we didn't go because I didn't want to leave my two springers, who couldn't have gone with us. I sometimes wonder how life would have been , had we taken that option. The person , who offered the job, is long dead and his company no longer in business.

22nd March 2008, 05:44 PM
Jersey is great, although a small Island still quite alot to do....Guernsey on the other hand really is the retirement island;) that it is rumoured to be...apart from beaches there isn't anything here. We are very fortunate that we have been able to experience life here and we have had both our children out here but I am really looking forward to coming "home" to normality!:)