View Full Version : Salmon Oil - How Long?

22nd March 2008, 07:10 AM
Well I finally got the salmon oil I read so much about and I'm starting to give them their first dosis tonight with their dinner...

I do wonder how long it will take before we will notice the difference? Is it something that needs a few weeks or only a couple of days to see the shedding decrease?

Anybody else that uses it and knows a good place online to buy it?

Thank you!

22nd March 2008, 10:20 AM
I'm sure the experts will chime in soon.

I give mine a 1/2 tsp everyday with his kibble. His coat is soft and shiny no difference in the shedding. This breed does shed quite a bit unless you are talking about a significant amount of fur?

23rd March 2008, 12:35 PM
I have the kind that comes in a dispenser bottle. The bottle says for dogs of 5kg or so (which mine are) to give one squirt each. I haven't noticed a difference in shedding - in my experience, the only thing that makes a difference there is lots of grooming or a short clip, which you may not want - but the shine generally comes quite quickly. Also you could add tinned salmon to their diet. My dogs get it every now and then and they love it and I can really see the difference to their coats.

23rd March 2008, 12:38 PM
Just ordered some myself as Tillys coat is really looking dull. Cant wait to try it and I will watch this thread for all comments:)

23rd March 2008, 04:34 PM
According to some other information I read online it does help somewhat with the shedding as well and according to the bottle it helps with the haircycle.. so I'm quite curious.. I also bought a furminator and a mars coat king 2 weeks ago and that helps a lot as well I just thought to try the oil as well :)

I also have a dispenser so it's quite easy to put it on their food..
I would just really like to be able to hold my cavs without having to go and put on new clothes or have them with us on the sofa without having to vacuum it for hours and hours and hours or throw away the blanket they were on...

Next month they will also get groomed and I'm thinking about really cleaning them up (after seeing the pics posted online ;)) So I can hardly wait.. I think I'll take the morning off so I can go with them :p

to be continued :)

23rd March 2008, 10:30 PM
Unfortunately, if you have multiple Cavs being houseproud may be difficult. Re the sofa, try putting a soft blanket on the area you are going to allow the cavs on. That way they can be with you, but your sofa will remain clean. You will also find that the dogs will quickly learn that sofa-no blankie = dogs off, and sofa-blankie=dogs on. My grandmother (who is so fussy she makes Kim and Aggie look relaxed) did this with Holly, and it worked a charm. The blankets can then be thrown into the wash, and the sofa itself remains clean and hairfree.