View Full Version : a day and a half with no cavalier?!?!

25th March 2008, 10:03 AM
Charlie went for his neuter today, And microchipping! My grandma works at the clinic he's at and when I was getting him ready to go he thought he was going to a store or something and was so excited....poor Charlie:rolleyes:but I miss him! And he's been gone for about.....a hour and a half! He has to stay the night there too. Its gunna be weird not having a little figure following me everywhere and begging for stuff. Geez you'd think he was being PTS cause I even cried! LOL I miss charlieeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25th March 2008, 11:52 AM
I'm sure Charlie will be in safe hands. It's horrible when they have to stay the night at the vets this happened to Sally only once and I was so upset. When the vet said they wanted to keep her in I got a lump in my throat. I went straight outside and burst into tears! I'm sure Charlie will be fine and :xfngr: for a speedy recovery :hug:

25th March 2008, 12:20 PM
I know how you feel :) When qwick had his surgery last year I dropped him off in the morning then went to work to just sit there and wait until it was time to pick him up again.. I couldn't concentrate on anything, just sitting there thinking of qwick :)

but he'll be back and you'll be so happy to see him again, a wonderful feeling ;)

25th March 2008, 01:00 PM
I nearly cried when I left my pair in for spaying, and I think Holly had to stay over because her op was late pm. With Holly especially I was on tenterhooks until we phoned the vet and heard she was happy. With Amber I was much more relaxed and I got her back the same day.

25th March 2008, 06:04 PM
well my grandma just called and charlie fine. BUT he has demadex mange! They said he mighty have had it when we got him but it could have just started. Now he has to be dipped and he might be a slight yellow for a little bit! Poor Charlie!!!! His neuter and microchipping was fine though!

25th March 2008, 06:07 PM
Oh dear! Talk about adding insult to injury! Poor Charlie, not only loses his "bits" but comes back with a Yellow tinge too!! :(

Am glad to hear his surgery went well, your biggest problem now will be keeping him quiet for the next few days whilst his stitches heal!! Give him a big kiss and a very gentle :hug: from me when he gets home OK??

26th March 2008, 04:02 AM
sure will! I and he won't be yellow! Yayyyy!!! My grandma had it messed up ( she's just a receptionist) but I got his microchip #. My grandma said that he cried for the first half hour on the way there ( its a 1 hour trip) and he is always use to sleeping on my lap during car rides and when she said that I felt sooooo horrible! But then he fell asleep. I can't wait till he comes back tomorrow! He's gunna be so happy to be able to sleep in his bed,..... I mean MY bed : )

26th March 2008, 02:55 PM
Jus a little safety note and sorry to lecture here :) -- but you should never have Charlie on your lap in the car. In even a mild collision, he would likely die. The reason is, he would be thrown against the back of the seat in front of you at such velocity that it would break his neck. This is because even if you are only going 25 mph at the time, the force of the collision would accelerate him up to nearly 300mph !!!! and he would be unlikely to survive hitting a seat at that speed. Worse, a dog in a collision even the size of a cavalier could easily be thrown hard enough to kill the PEOPLE in the car too -- if he hit the driver, for example, he could easily break THEIR neck. And he should never be in the front passenger seat -- an airbag would definitely kill a dog, just as it would an infant --which is why baby car seats are not allowed in the front seats of cars.

The best way for him to travel is in a properly fitting snug harness like this one, that has been collision tested:

Or inside a plastic crate that has had the seabelt passed through the top and clipped, so the crate cannot be thrown forward.

See: http://www.championswitzerland.com/content_nb_en.php?ref=anschnallen

This is very, very important to do if you care about his life and those of the people in the car. :thmbsup:

Here is a post I have made in the past on this topic:

Holding the dog is risking its life and yours and against the law in the UK according to the UK highway code and in many US states, too.

Here is some basic physics that have to do with the impact force generated by an object thrown forward in a collision.

A 15lb dog (eg a small cavalier) in a 30 mph minor collision if unrestrained has a collision force of UP TO 300LBS. A 50lb dog (eg border collie or small lab) would be thrown forward at that speed with HALF A TON OF FORCE!

The basic formula is the force generated by a body is up to 20 times the mass (weight) of the body being thrown in a collision. If the dog is on your lap even in a residential street collision at this relatively slow speed, it will likely go straight into and possibly right through the window, the dashboard, the back set, and most likely have its skull crushed and neck snapped.

If your cavalier is sitting on a lap in the back seat or loose inthe back seat, it is likely to be catapulted into an airborne missile. If a dog of 15 lbs hits the head of the driver or passenger with even 50 lbs of collision force, it will break any human neck or potentially, at 300lbs of force, even decapitate you.

This is why it is no longer legal in most countries to carry children unrestrained. And in many it is illegal to carry dogs unrestrained.

Every motor safety organisation says: seatbelt the dog or crate it. Please do NOT leave a dog loose in a car or on a lap.

Please read:


from this article from a UK vets:

Few commercially available harnesses have been independently tested. The ultimate endorsement must be to establish whether the harness you are considering has been subjected to similar crash testing as used for human seat belts and proven to be effective.

That means booster seat type seats with attached harnesses are most likely not safety tested (and to me have always looked potentially risky as they raise the dog even higher putting human passengers at risk if the restraint system fails). MOST dog restraint systems sold in the US, UK and Ireland are untested as well.

The article states:

Various reviews of the canine safety harnesses have been undertaken some of which can be found on the Internet. There appears to be two clear leaders in the field that fulfil all the above criteria.

Ruff Rider Roadie - This harness has been tested in the States and exceeded the standards for human seatbelts. Some users suggest that it is slightly harder to put on than other systems. Available in the UK from Company of Animals (www.companyofanimals.co.uk). The manufacturer's web site is www.ruffrider.com.

Champion Canine Seat Belt System - A tested harness system that receives consistently good press. The official distributor in Europe can be contacted at (www.caninesafety.co.uk). The manufacturers web site is www.CanineAuto.com .

A crate that is the right size for the dog (eg not too large, in particular, and seatbelted into place) is also a safe form of transport.

26th March 2008, 08:54 PM
wow....that's crazy! We have a ca seat for our mini poodle but we dont have one for charlie yet. O and charlie home!!!! I opened up the car door and he jumped up and licked my face and his little tail was going a hundred miles an hour! But he looks a little... Out of it:rolleyes:he looks really tired.